The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

Alt title: 4000-nyeon Mane Gwihwanhan Daemadosa

Ch: 59+
2020 - ?
4.353 out of 5 from 1,108 votes
Rank #1,134
The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

A poor student in the West Road Academy, the shame of the Blake family chooses to die after living a painful existence. However, a new soul suddenly takes over the body of the student.

Source: MU

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While I am currently writing this I've read 23 chapters and there are only 23 chapters out (not raws). The manga seems ok but it doesn't seem like it's gonna improve anytime soon so a review at this moment seems appropriate. STORY So basically the premise of this story is that an overpowered main character "dies" and is reincarnated 4000 years later in a weaker body but has the knowledge to make himself stronger at a rapid pace. The story is very ordinary; while ordinary doesn't mean bad, the story's execution is where it really fails. The story starts off with a small bullying arc which is often seen in these sorts of stories. The bullying in this story is based on discrimination of magic prowess but even if thats the case it seem to have no hold on the actual story other than to have some "bad guys" the MC can beat up to show his how cool and strong he is. This discrimination might come back in later chapters but it seems unlikely to be a big part even if it does because the in all of the 23 chapters world building is second priority if a priority at all since would rather display how cool and strong the MC can be. CHARACTERS There are currently 2 important characters, the MC and a love-interest/student. So let's start with the MC; he's selfish, spiteful, playful, flirtatious and cold at times but that doesn't excuse or answer the reason why he say or does some things.For example he will announce that he is over 4000 years old for no real reason and when questioned about this he will shove the question into a corner and just not answer. And this is not just a one time occounce but something that crops up multiple times with no reason other than the fact so the audience can go "ohhh please tell people how cool you are!". Anything else he does can mostly be summed up to he's just playing around which is an easy catch all. As for his tagalong love interest she is mostly there as someone who can respond to the MC's actions but in a haughty, flustered tone or inner monologue.While this sort of interaction can add to a story it more makes the character feel like a restant to the MC's actions and comes off my annoying than anything. There only really one side character with any depth and there not much to say about them, bad or good. Art It's pretty good. 4.5/10      It's ok but could easily and most likely will get worse.

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