The Great Journey of Teenagers: Folly of Youths Arc

Alt title: Shaonian Gexing

Ch: 49
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The Great Journey of Teenagers: Folly of Youths Arc

After the conclusion of the Golden Coffin case, the youths formed a powerful bond. But even then, they were forced to go their separate ways eventually. Finding it meaningless to return to Tianwaitian, Xiao Se and Lei Wujie began their journey to Xueyue City. The wind blew in Shangguan, the flower bloomed in Xiaguan. The snow fell in the mountains, the moon reflected on Erhai Lake. After going through many hardships, Xiao Se and Lei Wujie had finally reached the gates of Xueyue City. However, the Dengtian Pavilion stopped them in their tracks. Outside of the Dengtian Pavilion was the mortal city. Only once they passed the Dengtian Pavilion would they be able to see Xueyue. Lei Wujie longed to see the person that he wanted to see. Xiao Se wanted to make Lei Wujie pay up. And so, they climbed up the Dengtian Pavilion. What they didn’t know was that their arrival was but a prelude to a storm of blood…

Source: Bilibili Comics

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