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Alt title: Seija Musou

The Great Cleric
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Jan 7, 2021

The main character has died, and he is given the ability to kit himself out by the goddess of the world he's reincarnating into. He becomes a healer, with incredible luck. It turns out that a significant amount of healers in the world he reincarnated into are corrupt, greedy, and racist against demihumans. However, the main character becomes a kind-hearted, healer, and adventurer. As of 15/4/21 there are now 32 chapters translated, and it is pretty good, the man character seems to have a bigger goal than just survive and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

8/10 story
9/10 art
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 21, 2022

The Great Cleric[Review]

By Broccoli Lion


The story is unique and different from the usual fantasy-isekai Ovepowered MC genre; it follows the MC being an overpowered kind healer instead of a cold, ruthless, genius MC. The MC is reincarnated as a healer and wants to heal all the injured out of his goodwill. However there are some consequences for doing so, so this story follows the MC and his adventures in a fantasy world as a healer.


The art is the typical, classic manga art style; there isn't much difference to other manga styles.


The characters are grown through several trials and fights during the duration of the series; e.g the MC who leanrs not everyone heals out for goodwill, and must face the fact that some humans are disgusting slobs.

Other characters close to the MC have their background story also explored, and their personalities are shown throughout the series; the manga provides and in-depth look into each and everyone of those characters, including the villains.


This is a unique and on-of-a-kind manga series. This is a definite must-read as it explores a new apporach to fantasy-isekai Overpowered MCs. The character development is also done extensively with extreme detail, and this manga deserves the title of "Most Unique".

Thanks for reading my review!

8/10 story
6/10 art
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jul 17, 2023

Just a heads up, this review is pretty negative, but dont let that deter you away from it, there are definitely those who like it more than I do, and I dont want to hinder those who might very much enjoy it.

There are quite of few problems I have with this manga. Half of the time it is simply just paying recognition to how good of a life the mc is is living, the mc being all thankfull, the characters smiling at eachother and being thankfull for eachother, the mc bowing every other page, when departing from one another, coming to meet again, forcing "happy go lucky," if that is even the right term, stuff down your throat at every opportunity, it honestly overstays its welcome. I know that seems like I really petty and negative thing to say, but its just hightened by the fact it has a very slow and uninteresting story, so it oftentimes seems unwarranted and brought to the forefront, and 20% of that time its also just the infamous "substance x" awe/threat, like yeah, we get it already. The story is painfully slow, each chapter is 35-40 pages long and literally nothing happens. Nothing interesting happens until 17 chapters in, but even that doesn't last. Despite it being 60+ chapters long, nothing really happens, almost no world building or plot that you would otherwise find in 60+ chapters with 35+ pages each chapter, thats not even mentioning that it has very little action so there is a lot of dialog and character interactions, giving it plenty of time to make the story more interesting and more full when its not action for 10 pages at a time. Half of it is no joke just "happy go lucky" stuff, stop trying to make everything so fluffy and just tell the story, show dont tell, give me a reason to believe that such fluff is warranted if you really want to show it, though even then it still loses its meaning when they do it so much.

Sure stuff is happening, but it doesnt really building towards anything, there is a plot, dont get me wrong, but not much in the whole 60+ chapters, calling it a "slow burn" is an understatement. Just because it isnt your typical "power fantasy" doesnt just inherently make the thing good despite what other reviews say.

As for the art, Its just your average manga art, but one think to note is that there is almost no contrast whatsoever, the one thing you will take away from it is "why is it so white?"

Minor spoiler this paragraph, so skip it if you care about that, otherwise continue. It's readable, but I wouldn't be suprised if you just lose intrest while reading it, Ive read up to the middle of chapter 63 and I just about had it. It's very disinteresting and slow. Just when I thought it was getting interesting when the people around the mc were remembering things differently than him of things that literally just happened moments before, like they were just forgeting things mid sentence, and later happend again when the mc was talking to his trusted companions, the mc ignores it like it was nothing and doesnt report it and its never even mentioned again or even investigated for that matter, this irked me so damn much, not to mention how he just brushes off an otherworlder he meets like it isnt the only interesting thing that happened in the past 40 chapters.

There are RPG elements, but dont really expect your classic cultivation manga where the mc looks at his stats and sees his progress, despite there being a lot of training and what not, the mc hardly ever looks at his stat screen, its basically non-exsistent. Even with the lack of a story, it also doesnt even give you the satisfation of one of the good aspects of a cultivation manga, this is made even worse by the fact that he has a "progress seeing" abilty that they made a big deal out of in the very beginning. You don't see the work done actually have a definitive and measurable impact towards the characters progress, and the satisfaction of growing stronger. Its pretty irritating.

There is way too much bowing, like way too much, I know there is a bowing culture in japan, but its just way out of place in this setting, and I have no reason to belive this world would have such a culture, and saying that other people that have been isekai'd into the world previously could have made it so is beyond convenient and I dont buy it, if that were the case, there would be way more japanese culture in this world than just bowing. This is mainly a nitpick but I still find it kind of bothersome. 

This manga is painfully average, I know I have been nothing but negative the whole time, but its hard not to when the thing is so long and so uninteresting, at least to me. You can probably find some enjoyment reading this, buts its just the same thing for 60+ chapters. I'm tempted to give an extra low review to balance out the other biased reviews but desided not to and give it the rating it should be. You'll get what you get with this one, just a long drawn out average manga. Read if you like isekai or you have nothing better to read. Its good enough to not completely ignore and you should just read it and form your own opinion on it, you might even like it, so dont let my overly negative review stop you for at least giving it a try. I know this review is very long and my points probably bacame redundant, but thank you for reading this far. 

6/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Jan 6, 2022

I found an isekai manga, with no harem tag, OMG!

The mc has the healer ability, but it isn't his only skill. I can i say he is more like a combatant healer, more or less.

I don't know why there isn't a rpg tag. The mc has a system to see his growth.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Apr 13, 2023

I love the story and the characters, a little dissapointed that it seems to be very slow to update. I read this a very long time ago and came back to read it again and there were no more translated chapters in all that time. I am also SO UPSET that FOR ONCE the character design was more interesting than the 'teenager with a flat, Justin Bieber haircut' look that Isekai manga artists ALWAYS go for, then they just HAD to cut it... Sigggnnn

8/10 story
6/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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