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The Golden Light of Dawn
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Mar 30, 2022

Spoilers Ahead:

The MC is very driven in her search to find her missing sister after demons attacked her village. She is the only savior and was able to "awaken" her magical powers. Making her a member of the Gold Dawn Organization and disciple to find the savior. However she's one of the weakest members ever recorded in the organization. Long story short, she works her but off and I believe makes it into the top fifty most powerful members. Then she becomes selected to find the savior. Plot twist: there is also an anti-savior they have to look out for, and another organization (similar to theirs) that is looking for the savior (to kill him/her) and anti-savor. All the while she is looking for her sister.

The first ten to fifteen chapters are pretty interesting, and definitely got me hooked. But, after that she started getting on my last nerves. Honestly, I understand she wants to find her sister because of the regret she holds, but it is turning into an obsession. She constantly lashes out her anger/frustration onto other people. Saying things like, "you don't know how I feel, because your family is dead." The MC has to calm down a lot. Especially when some friends in the organization followed leads to help find her sister. Yet she remains ungrateful and distances herself from almost everyone (in my opinion). She seems like the type who would had over the savior to the evil organization, just to save her sister. I’m starting to dislike her a whole lot, and she would be the reason why I drop this Manhwa. 

?/10 story
7/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jun 16, 2023

The story would have been so much more bearable  if the characters weren't so irritating. The main character can't make any decision on her own, decisions she DESERVES to have, without any other character tossing her feelings aside and making the judgment for her.

It isn't THEIR sister, it's HERS. 

The black hair love interest is a d*ck, and the white hair is a child that is far from being an adult like the mc.

This series had an okay plot point to try and find her sister but it happened too fast, but now I feel like the story is getting dragged down with everyone holding her back from continuing the story.

6/10 story
9/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Apr 24, 2022

Definitely one of the more interesting reincarnation plots out there! 

The Golden Light of Dawn stands out for the novelty of its world-building - a world where childhood fables used to scare children to behave well are true, where nobility and power must be acquired from trauma, where good and evil appear as varying shades of gray. 

The FL is a strong woman who's driven to save her younger sibling and haunted by her own guilt. After a traumatizing event when she was younger, she is then recruited by a prestigious organization which is seen as cult-like by regular people, and forced to improve to rise above the ranks. 

It's kind of sad that they didn't show her working hard to achieve the rank that she currently has. They literally skipped over the whole training arc and simply chose to show key segments as needed for the story. Could've been executed much better but we'll let it pass.

I do enjoy how she was created to be self-reliant and motivated to improve her quality of life. She has a good sense of right and wrong, but isn't flawless; her one weakness is her sibling and we can see how she gets influenced by her without even being in the story. 

No romance as of the moment but I do not like any of the ML or ML options they have out for us. They're all sketchy tbh. This increases the believability of the story since the characters aren't spotless or without sin BUT at the same time, I don't want her to fall for any of them.

Plot-wise, the storytelling is a little strange in terms of pacing but as of Chapter 21, it's still passable. I don't agree with skipping over some segments such as how powerful she became because we have no clue what her limits are or how the organization functions. The readers are given the bare minimum when it comes to the framework of the world and I'm not sure if it's done simply because there's no time or because they weren't fleshed out correctly in the novel. That's a shame.

Should you read it? Give it a try until Chapter 20 and then see for yourself if this is something that you can enjoy. Personally, everything is okay for me.

Reviewed at Chapter 21.

8/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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