The God of High School

Ch: 526+
2011 - ?
4.41 out of 5 from 2,706 votes
Rank #1,623
The God of High School

Well-known fighters are all here at the national competition to find out who is the best fighter, but a mysterious group, called “Nox Solidarity”, comes and tries to make a mess. Now, who is going to fight with Mori and his friends against Nox?

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Hey, hey, hey, you! Yes, you! Do you want to take part in the world's first tournament for high school students? The main prize to anyone, able to crush all the opponents is something you will like: you can wish for anything. Good deal, right? What is wrong? You are bad at martial arts? No worries, you can bring any weapon with you; no restrictions whatsoever. You can use whatever martial arts you want! Any weapon! Weight category and gender do not matter! We guarantee you, you will not die; however, we cannot guarantee you that your pride will not be hurt, though. But this is worth it, is not it?The God of High School focuses on Mo-Ri Jin, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. He is invited to join a tournament, sponsored by an unknown, mysterious organization, no one knows about to select martial artists that will later take part in even bigger tournament. The God of High School is a competition of martial artists across the whole world and the most skillful warrior will take it all. However, little is known about the shady tournaments, taking place.It did not take me that long to like this manhwa; there are just so many things going on. The drawing is very interesting and pleasant to read. There are many jokes and comedy involved, however, the storyline is not affected by them in any way. As I have already said, there are just too many things going on: too many martial arts, some unknown creatures, Gods, demons, too many characters and even supporting characters are as interesting as the protagonists and you might just stop for a second and scratch your head for minute, without understanding what is going on. However, when you understand what is happening in The God of High School, I promise you, you will like it.Plot wise. I would not say that it has anything new to offer; it is banal and simple. It is all about, may the strongest fighter win. Yet, at some point, you will just not understand what is going on, there are many martial arts, I do not think many of you know what kyokushin is, Christian-Buddhist and other mythologies and many, many more. Long story short, be ready to think, if you want to like this manhwa. Chances are, you might need to google a thing, or two. But it is worth it.Perhaps, the best thing about this manhwa is its characters. What I like about The God of High School is that you will hardly see the main characters, when reading the manhwa. The reason for that is that The God of High School shows enough development for both main characters and supporting characters; some of the supporting characters might be as interesting, or maybe even more interesting than the main characters for you. That said, there are many characters, they all have their reasons and aims; they all are very interesting to follow. In addition to this, you will highly appreciate the fact that it is very difficult to find antagonists in this manhwa, so be very attentive, when reading the manhwa.All in all, The God of High School is an amazing read. Taking into consideration the fact that one anime season will never cover the whole manhwa, you might consider reading it, when you have time. It is worth it.

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