The Girl of the Black Lotus

Alt titles: Become the Girl of Black Lotus, Hei Lian Hua Gong Lue Shou Ce

Ch: 150+
2020 - ?
3.819 out of 5 from 126 votes
Rank #11,384
The Girl of the Black Lotus

I just had to be a keyboard warrior…! I read a sucky novel and wrote a scathing online review only to then find myself in the body of the story’s most despicable side character, the third female lead. Not only do I need to destroy the relationship between the main pair, but I’m on a mission to charm this bad-boy demon hunter, known as “The Black Lotus,” to complete my quest. We couldn’t be more different, but I’ll use every tactic I can to claim his love. I’m the one with the book in my hands after all, so this should be easy… right?

Source: Tapas

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