The Girl and the Geek

Ch: 90
2015 - 2018
4.228 out of 5 from 1,232 votes
Rank #675
The Girl and the Geek

Single with no regular job, Go Nanhee starts a new cleaning gig and meets Oh Deokhoo; literally the filthiest, NERDIEST guy she's ever seen! If that wasn't bad enough, his uber expensive action figure goes missing during her shift! Now she’s stuck cleaning his messy apartment in order to pay him back. Can a man who’s only ever seen a girl in games and a woman who only fawns over stars on TV… actually fall in love?

Source: TappyToon

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They're really cute. The story was slightly better after chapter 35, as by then there would have been some character development. Before that, there were some character flaws that slightly annoyed me. FL is really nosy (touching other people's belongings withiut permission) and ML is really unhygienic (room looks like a pigsty in the beginning). And normally I'd criticise that FL is shallow as she only falls for ML after seeing his handsome looks after he's cleaned up... but in this case I think it makes sense. If a guy were that unhygienic, I don't think I could like him either if he didn't have some stand out point. FL does grow to like him regardless of his looks later on. ML does clean himself up. They're good for each other, and treat each other well. Throughout the story, one thing that annoyed me a lot was how the author had to write in two love rivals. I think that's quite unnecessary and lessened my enjoyment. Just one rival would have been enough, as from that encounter ML is shown to be dependable and trustworthy. No need for the college sweetheart comeback. FL's mother is borderline abusive and respects only rich people. Yet she's portrayed as this misunderstood mum who only wants the best for her daughter? Asdfghjkl. I know Asian parents can be controlling (from personal experience), so I wasn't too shocked to see how the mother treated her 30-year-old daughter as a teenager (slapped her, took her phone away, grounded her). But I didn't expect the author to justify this behaviour :/ Poor FL :(  At first I thought the author was criticising the outdated beliefs in the webtoon (marriage marriage marriage! matchmaking! only rich son in laws! grandchildren! etc.!) But they were used a lot for comedic effects, so I'm just not sure how to feel about this. I'm just annoyed again I guess. The secondhand embarrassment is strong with this webtoon. It's like watching two teenagers interact, but aged up and put into an office setting. Both leads have quite some room to improve in regards to social skills, which is probably the point of the webtoon, but that doesn't change the fact that some moments were awkward as heck to read. But the couple is cute, so I'll give some annoyances a pass.

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