The Game That I Came From

Alt title: Wo Laizi Youxi

Ch: 154+
2021 - ?
4.322 out of 5 from 915 votes
Rank #3,214
The Game That I Came From

Tianyong Land is a game where players can get their powers in real life and become an awakened. Ling Ce is an orphan who steps into a glitch in the game, sending him three years back into the past. Determined to change his destiny, Ling Ce uses his experience to be the first and strongest awakened.

Source: INKR

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I do realize after writing this that it's not exactly a short review... Not the best, just uses the same clichés as every other power leveling manhua out there in a better way than most manhuas do, and so it's not very original. Have to say though, the one thing I hate and something that I think exists in every manhua ever for some reason is the arrogant, overconfident and seriously annoying side characters and villains. A few of them here and there is fine, but in manhuas that's every single character. The MC's are usually bullied for one reason or another and they becom either super edgy and gain a lot of plot armor which makes them the strongest cheat character ever or they become the embodiment of plot armor and get all the girls that they encounter. In this case it's the former but apparently, and this ain't the only series that does this. -The only reason as to why they started getting bullied in the first place is because they accidentally touched shoulders with their bullies one time and that's the reason as to why they get beaten half dead and legit left hanging upside down by a rope in the woods.      ---Well anyways, that's usually how they go but there are obviously going to be a few exceptions every now and then (none that I can think of right now which kind of proves my point even more) -that are original in their own way. Just because the MC was bullied doesn't mean that everyone is going to connect, relate and feel for him. Just because the MC somehow becomes the center of attention and stumbles upon a power which makes them the strongest in the world doesn't mean that everyone is going to like them as a character and enjoy the series because no one can stand up against them. Just because the MC gets all the girls that most people can only fantasize about doesn't make the series, story or MC any more appealing. People normally use other things to feed those types of fantasies, yknow what I mean -and if you don't then don't worry about it and just move on.  There are a lot of things that I'd like to say but I would like to keep it as short as possible. The MC goes back in time to the start of the game and becomes his in-game character in real life. Normally that would pose a problem since you wouldn't be able to explain to anyone how your body changed the way it did. You would have problems with your identity and to anyone that knows you (family, friends etc.) -wouldn't be able to recognize you and they would prol take you in and dissect your body as they say would happen in every movie when someone is acting strange. So how do you tackle this problem and deal with it as quick and easy as possible? Just make the MC an orphan and have people hate and bully him for some reason, make him as pitiful as you can (it'll be easier to explain why he doesn't have any friends) -and as bonus to make people "relate" to him even more, an average appearance (they called him ugly in this series but whatever).      ---So now that no one cares about him, have an old man from a poor district (I guess) filled with homeless people, -take the MC as his adopted son three years in the past now that he has a second chance at life, the game and a new body so that people can relate to it as one of their fantasies (nothing wrong with the fantasy part, there's obviously a reason as to why you call it a fantasy). Also, don't forget to forge a convenient backstory for the old man that would work in the MC's favor. A backstory such as, hmm let me think... How about this, -the old man had a son that just so happened to die after buying a VR headset for the game. Before launch and before his death, he would talk about how the game could change their lives completely and now in the present (three years in the past for the MC) -the old man talks to the MC about his son and his dream of a better life after the game. The MC then proceeds to very obviously take advantage of the old man by saying that he'll fulfil the dream of his son so that he can move in with the old man like an adoptive son (but not actually) -and use the VR headset that the old man still has in his possession. Oh, I completely forgot that you'll have to make completing the game something desirable. If the son of the old man was willing to bet their entire future on a game then there obviously has to be some sort of reward from being the strongest and reaching the highest level in the game and for every single human to want to play it. How about this, when you reach the highest level, you have a chance of getting your characters powers in real life. Yes, the game that someone created is going to change the world entirely all by itself. Also, don't even bother to explain why the MC isn't concerned about his situation in the slightest, just skip all the unnecessary things and have him enter the game world as quick as possible and when he exits the game, you'll just have the MC act like he's known the old man his whole life to make things less awkward for everyone. 

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