The Four Constables

Vol: 5
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The Four Constables

Four of ancient China's supremely skilled assassin-detectives serve only their Master Zhuge Zhen-Wo, who in turn is head bodyguard and advisor for China's all powerful Emperor. Yet the Constables' reputation strongly precedes them. Wu Chen - The Emotionless cripple is a master of weapons and devices. Tie Sho - The Iron Hand possesses incredible chi and can stop the sharpest blades bare-handed. Zhue-Min - The Life Snatcher is highly skilled in lightfoot granting him undaunted legwork. Lastly Len Hsueh - The Cold Blooded was raised by wolves and since learned to transfer his pain when fighting to strength enabling him to defeat opponents much stronger than himself. Each of them is entrusted by the Emperor with the power to arrest and execute any corrupt officials or lawless criminals within the Chinese Empire. 

Source: ComicsOne

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