The Flower Dances and the Wind Sings

Alt title: Kkocheun Chumchugo Barameun Noraehanda

Ch: 126
2020 - 2023
3.67 out of 5 from 674 votes
Rank #20,317
The Flower Dances and the Wind Sings

As Ersella lies on her deathbed, she has only one regret: never being a good mother to her son, Vicente. When fate sends her back three years, she gets a chance to make things right. While reflecting on her past as a young bride and reluctant mother, Ersella begins to untangle years’ worth of heartache. But as familial, marital, and even political issues enter the picture, she realizes there’s more to her second life than she thought. Will Ersella’s change of heart be too little, too late?

Source: Tapas

Includes 13 side story chapters.

Content Warning

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