The First President of Japan

Alt title: Nihonkoku Shodai Daitouryou Sakuragi Kenichirou: Dokuritsu-hen

Vol: 3; Ch: 26
1998 - 2000
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The First President of Japan

20XX and Japan's economy suffers as the country's government begins to fail due to inadequate politicians. Seeking a dramatic restructuring of its fragile political system, the nation elects Sakuragi Kenichiro - a man educated in America- to be its first President. Given decision making powers the equivalent of a U.S. President, the young politician is faced with several international crises, including the invasion of North Korea into South Korea and China initiating attacks on Taiwan. As the "First President" he struggles against phenomenal challenges and along with his "fighting cabinet," Sakuragi works to reform Japan.

Source: Gutsoon! Entertainment

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