The First King Adventure

Alt title: Kenja no Nagaki Fuzai - The First King Adventure

Vol: 8; Ch: 38
2002 - 2005
3.735 out of 5 from 11 votes
Rank #14,643
The First King Adventure

Valume Lune Tiltu is a prince who's expected to take the throne, but a simple coronation will not land him the crown. Joined by the mirror spirit Alamine, he must travel across Japan, making contracts with the masters of spirit. As confirmation for each of his agreements, he is presented with one piece of a symbol, and only when this symbol is whole will he become king. But Tiltu not only collects marks from masters to reach his goal of being a ruler, he also makes new friends along the way, friends that are in desperate need of his company. Join the prince, with his newfound chums, inside a world of fantasy that will one day be the domain of Prince Tiltu.

Source: ADV Manga

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