The Female Supporting Role Shows Out (Novel)

Alt title: Nv Pei Bu Chan Huo (Novel)

Ch: 475
2018 - 2019
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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out (Novel)

Lin Dan has been bound by a supporting system to do auxiliary tasks to maintain the plot in countless small worlds. To put it bluntly, she is a female supporting role, or the expendable, and uses her humble self to fulfill the greatness of others. Being confused, persistent, crazy, unable to love, unable to gain, Lin Dan has experienced too much failure and pain. When she fully understands and decides to unbind the supporting system and to return to the original world, she is hacked into the 3,000 worlds on the way back to continue her struggle.

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I was waiting for Anime Planet to add this amazing novel to its database, just so I could write a review for it. A really good quick transmigration novel about a female protagonist who has spent lifetimes completing missions as cannon fodder, but is then disconnected from her system and transmigrates to different worlds with no memory, learning to live for herself and not others so she is no longer cannon fodder. Anyway, what I love about Lin Dan is that the story is always about her focusing on her own self growth and journey. It's because of this that in the beginning of the novel, there isn't even a guy that she gets together with. Even in the later arcs/worlds in the novel when romance is more prominent, Lin Dan only gets the guy after improving herself. I love the novel's message of living for yourself and not others. Despite my praise for the main character Lin Dan, overall, I give this novel an 8/10. The reason I give it a B- despite its great protagonist and plot, is the love interests. While romance is not a main focus of the story, as it is always about Lin Dan, inevitably she does attract admirers. In the first half of the novel with its ancient/historical worlds and arcs, there was no romance and if there were admirers of Lin Dan, there was usually at least one very well characterized male lead. However, I find that the latter half of the novel set in modern worlds has comparably less good male leads. Rather, I find them lacking, if not borderline annoying. I will outline the worlds/arcs below, making note of when the novel diverges from historical worlds to modern day era worlds. Arc 1: Chef - Cooking is described in amazing detail. - Ending was a bit anticlimactic, with a sudden war, but the way Lin Dan resolved it was very clever.  - Male lead is a marquis, who later becomes emperor, who knew Lin Dan as a child and judged her in a cooking competition. Later, they meet as adults again when he becomes a soldier. Respects her decision to be a chef and not marry at the end of the arc. Even though he loved her, he understood what made her happy was wandering the world, going to new places to learn new recipes and to cook for others. - The "original female lead" (a girl in each arc/world who was the original heroine of the plotline, before Lin Dan transmigrates to each world) of this arc is also a chef. In the cooking competition that Lin Dan participated in when she was younger, she was competing against the original female lead. One thing I like about the author is that they will make the original female leads, at least in early worlds, formidable opponents for Lin Dan, so Lin Dan actually has to get better at her skills in order to compete against them. The original female lead is a very good chef, as her father was also a chef. Her father and Lin Dan's father were students under the same cooking master, the original female lead's grandfather. When the master was old and dying, it was Lin Dan's father who took care of him, not even his own son. Everyone thinks that Lin Dan's father stole his recipes/technique book and tools, but he was actually gifted this by the master. So Lin Dan's family recovers the fame that should have been theirs, but was stolen by the original female lead's famiily and slandered.  Arc 2: Warrior - Very short arc. - Lin Dan becomes a cultivator who utilizes a cultivation method that is very painful/drives other people mad or kills them, but she masters it instead. She also gets a cool "knife sword". - Male lead is a powerful cultivator who accompanies Lin Dan on her travels. He was ready to kill her in case she goes berserk, but that never happens, and he is happy because he didn't want to kill her. No romance, just travel companions. - The original female lead was a girl who was brought into the sect that Lin Dan was originally a part of, to marry the sect leader's son. The sect that Lin Dan was originally part of adopted her. It was because of the sect master that Lin Dan had to learn the painful cultivation method that would have killed her if she didn't master it. The sect master knew this, but still allowed Lin Dan to learn it, because Lin Dan was a sort of bodyguard for his son. His son doesn't care about Lin Dan either. Lin Dan gets her revenge on them, and then travels with the male lead around the world to kill cultivators who have been committing crimes/atrocities against non-cultivators/mortals. The original female lead got her hands on the method Lin Dan used to cultivate, but died because she couldn't handle it. Arc 3: Goddess of War - Lin Dan's family is a famous military family. Her father/grandfather/brother, all males in her family have been soldiers. After her grandfather was killed in battle, and her father captured by the enemy side, and only her younger brother left, Lin Dan joins the army to avenge her family. She proves herself time and time again, and eventually becomes the general. They defeat the enemy side, and Lin Dan spends the rest of her life as a soldier protecting her country. - The male lead is a scholar who was married to her in his past life, mistakenly believed she was his source of trouble, but then realized the truth when he came back to life. He regrets that he misunderstood her in his past life, and can only watch her from the side in his second life.   - The original female lead is a relative of Lin Dan's. She was the one who orchestrated a scheme to get Lin Dan and the male lead married in his past life. She was the woman the male lead originally loved in his past life, and part of the reason then why he couldn't accept Lin Dan in his last life. In this life, he attempted to marry her, but then discovered her deception in both his lives, which leads him to break off the marriage.  Arc 4: Embroiderer - Lin Dan becomes a skilled embroiderer.  - The male lead is a very wonderful guy who was interested in Lin Dan ever since he and his sister met her. They are the niece/nephew to the Empress, who was deposed, but later given back her position after the emperor begs for her to come back. Male lead is often at battle, but still comes back for Lin Dan. Lin Dan and his sister open a shop together. - The original female lead of arc 4, unlike the last three, is very pitiful. She is a famous embroiderer. It is only unfortunate for her that because of her brother, she had to suffer the consequences. Her brother hates Lin Dan's family because he thought that Lin Dan's father killed their father. So the brother opens up an embroidery shop to directly compete with Lin Dan's family, steals all their wealth and resources, and leaves Lin Dan's family in ruins. The original female lead can't compete with Lin Dan when Lin Dan becomes an embroiderer better than her. This all culminates at the end of the arc, when both of them make dresses for the two empresses. Lin Dan makes a dress for the formerly deposed Empress. The original female lead makes a dress for the consort empress, the concubine who became the #1 consort of the emperor after he deposed the Empress. Obviously, Lin Dan's dress is better, so the original female lead has her fingers broken so she can never embroider again, by the consort Empress. The original female lead has her fingers healed, but she can never embroider like she used to. She takes up teaching other women to embroider, after embroidery becomes popular because of Lin Dan.  Arc 5: Doctor - Lin Dan becomes an ancient doctor (i.e. acupuncture and using needles, along with knowledge of herbs, etc.). - Male lead is the man who the original Lin Dan, not the transmigrator, disabled. But, transmigrator Lin Dan cures him, and he and Lin Dan get together at the end of the arc. Very touching, because the male lead never blamed Lin Dan. Also, he was disabled because he saved her life.  - The original female lead is a surgeon who reincarnated in ancient times. You feel bad for her because she has none of the modern technology, so of course she has to rely on other ancient doctors to supplement her knowledge. Also, because she is a doctor, she never takes someone's life, and admits when she is wrong. She is pitiable, like the OG female lead of the embroidery arc. She has to "fake" her medical knowledge just to survive in the ancient world.  -------- Modern arcs, start of where I consider the novel's dip in quality, especially regarding the male leads. Also, while in previous arcs, Lin Dan had no knowledge of and had to acquire skills like cooking, embroidery, and medical knowledge, now that she has those skills, even wihout memories, she is overpowered and never struggles. In the first arc, the author made it clear how Lin Dan wasn't the prettiest, but in later worlds, i.e. modern worlds, Lin Dan can just fix her appearance with her medical skills. And the green tea bit*h female antagonists/original female leads are just less interesting. ----------- Arc 6: Witch - Lin Dan has magical powers to control and breed magical bugs/insects. - Annoying male lead, a clingy, childish guy who Lin Dan is initally even attracted to just because his blood is delicious to supernatural beings/spirits like her. Also, there is a creepy villain this arc, who saw her when she was naked, and is a hundreds of years old spirit who eventually gets his own corporal body. Yandere, "if I can't have you, no one can" type for Lin Dan. Doesn't let her marry.  - The original female lead is a girl who is a part of the supernatural world's "enforcement", kind of. That is, they protect the order between the supernatural and mundane world. She, along with her male lead (who is the actual male lead of this arc, Lin Dan's clingy male lead is technically a 2nd male lead who used to be interested in the OG female lead) have to protect Lin Dan's male lead because he attracts spirits with his body. I really hate her; she is intolerable, along with arc 2's original female lead. The original female lead of this arc actually almost caused the end of the world! Because she didn't listen to her superiors about not disturbing a grave site, so she dug it up, caused the angry spirits/corpses/etc. to reanimate and almost flood the world. If it weren't for Lin Dan's timely intervention, everyone would have died. Arc 7: Apocalypse - Zombies. Lin Dan has water powers that initially are weak, but she learns to use them in clever ways. Even though she can only control water, she learned to change their properties down to their molecular level, freezing/boiling water, etc.  - Male lead is a guy who only kept Lin Dan around as a maid basically, to wash and disinfect his things with her water powers. Genius who creates a cure to zombies, and other inventions. - Original female lead is a reincarnator. She chose the wrong guy to protect in the apocalypse. Instead of Lin Dan's doctor, the one who actually created the zombie cure, she chose the guy who stole his work instead. So when the original female lead reincarnated, she was not aware of this and is doomed because of it. Arc 8: Cannon Fodder's Mom - This time, Lin Dan is the mother of an idol who was cannon fodder and fated to die because of her shi*ty sister-in-law and mother-in-law, and birth father. Her birth father left Lin Dan to remarry, and Lin Dan's daughter had a terrible time in their household, being neglected, only given her sister's leftovers, etc. - I like this arc because we see Lin Dan as a mother for the first time. - "Best of the worst" male lead. Even though the modern arcs always have the worst male leads, one or two of them are okay. Like this guy. He is the famous businessman uncle of the idol daughter's love interest, a popular actor.  - I don't like this arc becase it's part of a reality tv show where idols/celebrities spend time with their family, so Lin Dan does a lot of stuff for the camera. Shows off her skills. In this arc, she uses her doctor skills to save a mother giving birth. I don't like that the author makes ancient Chinese medicine look so much better, and like Western modern medicine is inferior, when in fact, modern medicine is more sanitary, and you can do more with technology. - The original female lead of this arc, I'm assuming, is Lin Dan's daughter's mean step sister. In the original storyline, it was the stepsister that ruined her sister's career and life. She spread rumors that her sister took drugs, etc. and eventually her sister killed herself. Also, Lin Dan's daughter's love interest, the actor, originally believed the stepsister. If it wasn't for Lin Dan's intervention in this world, he would have gotten together with her like in the original storyline.  Arc 9: "Gold-digger" - Lin Dan is the girlfriend of a rich boy whose mother is her sponsor for college. Later breaks up with him. No male lead this arc. Ex-boyfriend still loves her, even when dying. Other guy is his roommate, kind of a douchebag. Looked down on Lin Dan thinking she was a gold digger, always gets upset for the stupidest reasons. Another guy, the third guy, typical rich CEO character who uses his power to supress others. Lin Dan does not get together with any of them. By the end of the arc, she wins the Nobel Peace Prize and has cured terminal illness/disease.  - I really respect Lin Dan in this arc. Because her ex-boyfriend's family is on the verge of bankruptcy, in order to repay her ex-boyfriend's mother for all that she has done, Lin Dan helps recover their business/company. She is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child. Her ex-boyfriend's mother has an illness, and his father would have killed himself, were it not for Lin Dan encouraging him to live for their grandchild. Luckily, she recovers their business, and no longer needs to have the child and throw her life away/be a mother at a young age.  Arc 10: Queen of the Runway - Lin Dan is a famous supermodel. - Male lead is a famous singer. He treats her well, love at first sight for him. 2nd male lead is kind of pathetic. When he first met Lin Dan, he tried to get her to replicate one of his old models. Later, he designs a wedding dress for Lin Dan and the male lead, even when he couldn't have Lin Dan for himself/he still had feelings for her. - Original female lead was the past "model" of the 2nd male lead.  Arc 11: Village Girl - Lin Dan lives in a village with her grandfather, who recently broke his leg. She becomes self sufficient, takes care of him, etc. Because of the tv show, she becomes famous and eventually moves to the city to go to school. - Male lead this arc is annoying. He and two of his buddies went to Lin Dan's village as part of a tv show where rich kids learn how to do work in the country. Him and his friends are teens, and yet they won't help when kids are bullied, and one kid is literally drowning. They apologize later and become "better" people, but that doesn't change the bullying they did in the past. - The original female lead is the granddaughter of a woman who Lin Dan's grandfather was originally in love with, before finding out just how much of an awful person she is.  Arc 12: Pride and Prejudice - Another reason I don't like the author of "Female Supporting Role Shows Out" is, other than them touting China and everything Chinese as the best (for example, ancient Chinese medicine is better than Western medicine), they will also deliberately get facts wrong. Like bibimbap, a KOREAN dish, is said to be a Chinese dish instead. Like, wtf? Bibimbap was most certainly not made in China. A simple Google search will tell you as much. - In this arc, Lin Dan becomes a fashion designer. -I love this arc because the original female lead is not a green tea bitch like in other arcs. She is actually a genuinely nice, sweet, and caring person, who is practically in love with Lin Dan. Not literally, but you get the point. Several times I was rooting for the novel to turn into girl's love, but was reminded it wasn't because of the male lead. -I hate this arc because of the male lead. The male lead in this arc is also a cat/shares minds with a black cat/etc. Hard to explain, but in short, he and the cat are basically the same person. Not literally, he does not turn into the cat, but he and the cat know what the other does. The black cat was found and adopted and nursed back to health by the original female lead, but then the cat became closer to Lin Dan. If the cat and the male lead were seperate, I would have no problem with this. But they aren't. The guy uses his knowledge from the cat to get closer to Lin Dan, like ordering her favorite cake, promoting her in the company, etc. Oh yeah, Lin Dan is his former secretary, but the original host was demoted to an assistant in the design department. Anyway, I hate plots like this because I find it creepy how the male lead uses his knowledge from his cat to get close to Lin Dan, all without her knowledge. She does NOT know he is the cat. I hate similar plots like this, like Groundhog Day, where the guy in that film is a creep who uses his knowledge of his countless days to woo the woman he is infatuated with. Pop Culture Detective made a VERY good video on this. - I hate the male lead in arc 12 SO MUCH. He is a disgusting human being who uses the cat he shares minds with to eventually coerce Lin Dan and make her give in. From making the cat get run over by a car, to making the cat fall from a tree, he knows Lin Dan can't bear to have the cat injured after having it as a pet for so long. I hate him so much! Arc 13: Reversal of Life - The second to last arc is a return to the ancient world. I am so relieved the author decided to go back to the ancient world, because the modern worlds had worse plots, love interests, and characters compared to the ancient arcs. - Lin Dan becomes a Taoist, runs her own temple, etc. She has a disciple who she teaches to become a doctor like her and treat people's medical conditions and illnesses. - Lin Dan's male lead in this arc is the uncle of the young emperor. After saving his nephew's life, he had an incurable illness. Eventually, Lin Dan does cure him. He respects her a lot. He is similar to the male leads of the embroiderer/doctor arcs. Arc 14: The Last Task - An EPIC conclusion to this novel that ties in everything, and yet still leaves you yearning for more. - In this arc, we meet the man aka the system agent who Lin Dan at the beginning of the novel was in love with, but couldn't be with because he cared about another woman. - This is a cultivation world.  - Amazing callback to arc 2, when, after Lin Dan awakens her cultivation again, she wields the sword she did in arc 2. - The female antagonist is a woman who deceived the male system agent over several lifetimes, pretending to lose her memory in each life in this world, so he would take care of her and make her stronger and protect her. She knew that he was a system agent, or at least that he had access to special system items. She was going to use one of these in this arc, her last life, to leave the world.  - Lin Dan is disconnected from her system, so she can't leave the world. She decided to save the world when it was ending, sacrificing her life. Several other cultivators, and hundreds of other people in the world gave their lives to save it. - The male agent discovers the female antagonist's deception, and curses her to remain on the world forever/be forever in pain. When he finishes his task/leaves the world, he unbinds from the system and is no longer an agent. He discovers that Lin Dan at the last moment chose to bind with his system like he offered.  - The novel ends with Lin Dan running away, presumably to go to more worlds/more adventures to be had.   

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