The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!

Alt title: Fan Pai Mo Nu Zi Jiu Ji Hua

Ch: 11+
2020 - ?
3.99 out of 5 from 372 votes
Rank #6,142
The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!

Xiao Yao, a young lady of a wealthy, respectable family in the 21st century, thought her life had ended when she passed away due to a deadly illness. However, she opened her eyes and found herself in the body of a manhua's villainess, Princess Abella. Despite not having any magic powers nor capabilities, the pompous and vicious Princess caused countless people to suffer from her heinous acts. Her greed for the throne even led her to murder her own father, thus sentencing her to death while the protagonists of the manhua lived happily ever. With a second chance at life in such a healthy body, Xiao Yao will not sit back idly while the Princess' impending doom befalls her again. This time, she will strive to change the Princess' fate, and along the way, will attempt to discover her hidden secrets and of those around her...

Source: MU

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I really like this so far. The art is very cute, and all the characters appear to have some depths to them. Unfortunately, there are only 11 (short) chapters right now, so I can't make any definite statements yet, especially about the plot. It reminds me a bit of 'Who Made Me A Princess' so far, so if you liked that, go check this out. Plot: 8/10Art: 10/10Characters: 9/10Overall: 8/10 Recommended if you like: Isekai; the standard 'transmigrating into the villainess' body and trying to prevent your death'-trope; royalty; doting fathers who are menacing and ruthless to everyone else. -- SPOILERS BELOW -- Summary: Xiao Yao, a girl from the 21st century, transmigrates into the body of Princess Albella, the villain of a novel Xiao Yao has read. She is dearly beloved by her father, the Emperor, but almost everyone else despises her. This is due to the mixture of her lack of magic, which is equal to having a deadly disease in this world, and her horribly violent temper (which seems to stem from everyone despising her). Xiao Yao immediately starts on turning this image around and has good results, until the Empire's first princess, the Emperor's illegitimate daughter, arrives. From here on, we have pretty much caught up to the newest chapter. Albella's main 'rival' appears to be the first princess, who might not be as kind as the "original novel" would have you believe, as well as her uncle, who seems to be trying to turn her against her father. The character interactions we've had between Princess Albella and her entourage are very sweet. They are very protective of the young princess, going so far as to intimidate the merchants into giving her lower prices when she visits the market. Her father, likewise, openly dotes on her, always taking her side without question. Plot:Unfortunately, we have very little plot to go off of right now, so I'm only giving it an 8/10 for the story right now - it's very standard, and there hasn't been much time to distinguish it from the rest, but I really like this trope, soo... Characters:As stated above, the character interactions are very sweet, and everyone seems to have depth to them - but again, very few time to establish anything special. 9/10 for now. Art: 10/10. Very cute, very detailed, definitely something I could look at for a while longer yet.

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