The Evil King's Wicked Consort

Alt title: Qing Cheng Kuang Fei

Ch: 142+
2019 - ?
3.779 out of 5 from 71 votes
Rank #8,147
The Evil King's Wicked Consort

The immortal heavenly emperor's daughter is reborn! Awakening in the body of a girl that's considered as trash, the immortal heavenly emperor's daughter opens her eyes to the perception of a new world. The girl once considered as a piece of trash now begins her counterattack! Along the way, she encounters a variety of beautiful men. The gears of fate start to turn. What will await along the path of cultivation for the wicked consort?

Source: MU

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I got bored. Maybe some people will find interest in this but for me its a big no. It definitely has potential but as usual the female mc has almost no agency and has to depend on the handsome dude that just so happen to be there and fall in love with the mc at first sight. You know why I hate this type of dude? I will SPOIL the first chapter for you so be aware. She was about to get raped and she killed herself before it happened. Then mc's soul entered her body and she came back to life but the dudes are still here wanting to rape her. Now that she's awake she manages to kills the dudes. And what do we have? That dude who's there looking at the scene and his servant saying "oh no you wanted to act like a charming prince saving a damsel in distress but she did it herself". Do you know what that means? He sat there looking at the dudes wanting to rape her, he then saw her kill herself and now acts like if he wanted to save her. She would be already dead. And now that she's somewhat strong he is interested in her? F*ck me with this bullshit. And I could go on adn on about all the problems with this manhua. I'm harsher when I judge stories with female mc because there is so much wasted potential. Even more than the generic harem story with a male protagonist. The female is never strong for the sake of it. Always has to depend on some creep dude watching from a corner. Always has to be weak and blushing all the time. You know why I love manhua? The mcs are badass and don't care about stuff like love or other feelings when they are on a mission. They finish their purpose first then think about everything else. That's how I want these female mc to be.

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