The Evil Grand Duchess Has a Secret Life (Novel)

Vol: 4; Ch: 129
2019 - 2020
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The Evil Grand Duchess Has a Secret Life (Novel)

Their appearances should have been scheduled like a screenplay, Elysee was a veteran actress that possessed the body of a villainess Grand Duchess. —By the way…. “Can I do this? Lucas is the male protagonist.” Nothing goes according to plan or according to her mission since the first day she is sent down to possess this body. The biggest stumbling block is the villain—her husband, the Grand Duke, Blake Freysen. What am I supposed to do with this guy who sticks to me all the time? I thought he was supposed to be cold and haughty? Was the info I was given on him faulty? Why is he so different? “Wife. Can I come in?” Like her, Lucas was an agent from the heavens—and was supposed to have possessed Elysse’s husband’s body. Instead, here he was in her step-brother’s body—the same body that quickly squeezed, wriggled, and crawled under her broken bed (due to her husband’s passion last night) and suddenly went still. As if she was caught doing something naughty, Elysee’s heart pounded.

Source: NU

Includes 11 extra chapters.

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