The Evil Cinderella Needs a Villain

Alt title: Saaghan Cinderella-egen Agdai Piryohae

Ch: 60
2019 - 2020
3.402 out of 5 from 628 votes
Rank #31,353
The Evil Cinderella Needs a Villain

All Lilith wanted was for Prince Calix to love her back. Blinded by jealousy, she tries to sabotage the prince’s relationship to the kind Princess Silvia, but ends up being sentenced to death instead. When she opens her eyes, however, she finds herself alive and well inside the world of a novel she’d been reading. Grateful for a second chance, Lilith vows to be a good person this time around and live a long, happy, drama-free life. That is, until her wicked stepmother and stepsisters try to sell her off to a baron with a nasty reputation. Desperate to save herself, Lilith teams up with Francis, the handsome villain of the story. Together they put on a show to fool the family...but will Lilith’s plan succeed? Or will she have to resort to her old evil ways?

Source: TappyToon

Content Warning

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