The Esper's Game (Novel)

Alt title: Choinui Geim (Novel)

Vol: 11; Ch: 271
2018 - 2019
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The Esper's Game (Novel)

17 years ago, when subterranean monsters called Burrowers threatened humanity's very existence, a select few humans gained superpowers and became known as "espers." The most powerful espers were known as the Seven Heroes, and among them was Yeop Seomun—the man who not only became the world's greatest esper, but also the world's savior shen he sacrificed his life to defeat the Burrowers' Final Dungeon. As the world gained peace and spers no longer needed to fight, a VR sport known as Battle Field was born so espers could continue showcasing their powers in virtual dungeons. But no one ever guessed that 17 years after his death, Yeop would magically fall from the sky, alive and well—and just as strong as ever. Now he has a new mission: to restore glory to the struggling Korean team and shake up the sport of Battle Field forever.

Source: Yonder

Includes 10 extra chapters.

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