The Elixir of the Sun

Alt title: Taeyanguijuin

Ch: 144
2020 - 2023
4.12 out of 5 from 956 votes
Rank #1,698
The Elixir of the Sun

Bayan is an outcast amongst the Siyo, a people who have healing powers. Considered worthless because she doesn’t have the ability to heal others, Bayan is sent to the court of Dhan, the Great Sun Emperor, who is cursed with unrelenting bloodlust and slaughters his concubines mercilessly. It seems that Bayan’s fate is sealed the moment she reaches the emperor’s palace and Dhan is fated to suffer from madness forever... But together, Bayan and Dhan just might be able to change each other’s destiny.

Source: Lezhin

Includes 26 side story chapters.

Content Warning

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I know many people seem to enjoy this story, but personally, it's not my cup of tea.  This story started strong, pretty decent world building, strong minded female lead, amazing art, and a kinda cliche but well executed premise.  So my problem with it, the characters. The female lead was funny and smart at the start, an enjoyable character who got on well with the side characters. Then she met the male lead, and omg what happened. Bayan became a blushing, stuttering mess, can't get a single wise word out when in the presence of Dhan.  Bayan is said to be smart, able to memorise material even scholars have trouble with, yet doesn't seem to understand palace ettiquette in the slightest? Even side characters comment on how dense she seems to be, if you are a fluff enjoyer be my guest, but dialouge became cringy and just bad, and the relationship between Dhan and Bayan seems to have no obstacles or development. It was love at first sight, they fuck every where, Bayan climbs onto his lap like a five year old regardless whether everyone is looking at them, the have sex in an office where its been comfirmed that shadow ninjas are hiding in the corners just watching them, dude probably has a foot fetish, its lovey dovey goodness. Dhan character isn't bad, cliche but still readable. The only problem I have with him is that yeah i understand an incurable thrist of blood seems horrible, but why must you sacrifice dozens of young women in order to quench it? surely there must be other, more morally accptable consequences. Like sacrificing the lives of criminals and rapists, but no and worst of all he seems to not show any remorse. In the story those who don't offer their daughters to be fucking killed, and either executed or have heavy tax implemented onto them. The story makes out the nobles who don't sacrifice the women in the clan bad guys, its very subtle but it throws me of, and never once has anyone actually called him out on it, even our kind hearted, loveable female lead. If Bhan wasn't the male lead, he would be the selfish villain, Bayan would probably be Trashta, and this manga would be a revenge story. 68 chapters and nothing happens to Bayans village, like after 40 chapters nothing happens, unless you count the female lead acting like some 5 year old. Bayans a mary sue, Dhan is honesty questionable, and I'm kinda dissapointed.

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