The Elegant Sea of Savagery

Alt title: Uahan Yamanui Bada

Ch: 74+
2021 - ?
3.386 out of 5 from 266 votes
Rank #33,163
The Elegant Sea of Savagery

The daughter of a noble family deep in debt, Irina Nordiak’s only desire is to marry her long-time love Ludwig Fontern, but her financial situation prevents this. With no other options, she calls upon an old schoolmate, Ileanor Schuberg, who is now a wealthy lord. While cruel to others, he acts like a different person to Irina, pining over her while detesting her love for Ludwig. Though he agrees to pay off Irina’s debt in exchange for her servitude, he has no intention of letting her leave.

Source: Tapas

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Ugh, the art is great but that's really the only thing that gives me joy :/ [SPOILERS AHEAD] First and foremost, the characters are so odd! The FL, Irina, is ridiculously naive and stupidly determined to "make a difference" and pay off her debts. The ML, on the other hand, is manipulative and a stalker. I don't understand why he's the ML with the kind of personality he has now. He's so wrong! He stalks her for years and proposes 3 times to her, out of the blue. Of course, he was rejected all 3 times because Irina had a boyfriend already (and ML knew that). The ML then proceeds to pay off her boyfriend and takes advantage of Irinas financial and emotional situation to GET IN BED WITH HER. They're not married or dating. He's quite literally just "owning" her. Tbh, Ludwig's (Irinas ex and first love) relationship with her could've worked out if she had remained rich and able to help him. But it's crumbled now that both of them are poor and in need of help. In situations like these, it's obvious that they weren't right for each other in the first place. Ludwig, despite being sweet and always there for her, will only remain by her side if she stays out of trouble. He isn't the type of person to stand strong when their friends or partners are struggling. So due to this reason, he's not suitable to be ML either. SO HOW IS THIS A ROMANCE IF NEITHER DUDES ARE SANE OR DECENT PEOPLE??? SERIOUSLY?! The FL isn't great either. Somehow, she was totally fine with being the ML's play toy (especially at night) even though she dislikes him. You would expect that the FL never forgives him because of all he's done to her but NO! She has *** with him and is basically his lover now. I can't believe she allowed herself to live this way. Honestly. Im so immensely disappointed in the story because this isn't a good romance story and the relationships the FL has with the men aren't good. She has no friends either.  Zero percent chance of me recommended this. Honest to god, if you're looking for a sweet, innocent, or worthy romance read, this is not it. The ML is definitely a psychopath and the FL is strange enough to be okay with that. Red flags are everywhere with this relationship.

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