The Eldest Daughter Walks Down The Flower Path (Novel)

Alt title: Jangnyeoneun Ggochgireul Geodneunda (Novel)

Ch: 172+
2021 - ?
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The Eldest Daughter Walks Down The Flower Path (Novel)

An eldest daughter was neither useful nor lovable in the eyes of parents who wanted a son. Radis, the Tilrod family’s first born daughter, lived all her life abiding by the ‘sacrifice’ that she was expected to do. “You are the Tilrod family’s eldest daughter. Isn’t it natural for you to do your best to support your brother since he’s the pillar of our family?” “You know, it’s only right that the eldest daughter is the breadwinner.” “Go hunt demons in your brother’s stead. It’s so humiliating to have an unmarried daughter stay at home. But if you go on that expedition, I’ll allow you to stay here.” To keep her place in her family, she tried anything and everything to win their love. She believed that happiness would come to her someday if she continued to endure it all. However, she finally broke down after her family’s betrayal...

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