The Dungeon Seeker

Vol: 3+; Ch: 29+
- ?
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The Dungeon Seeker

Junpei Takeda, a high school student, is childhood friends with Noriko Tatsumiya and the bully Kido Shouta. One day, during the usual course of bullying Junpei, they were suddenly summoned to a different world by the whim of "God". Summoned Heroes with cheats, or so he thought. But it turns out Junpei's stats were even worse than an average farmer. Tricked into a deathly labyrinth by the only one he trust, he walks the journey for revenge.

Source: MU

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KnightBreak Feb 17, 2019
Score 6/10

I like it a lot but i rated it so low because it really hurts the betrayal was just too much to bear especially because it was his childhood friend who promised to always be there for him and never hate him and she betrayed her childhood friend for the guy that made his life a living hell read more

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