The Dungeon of the Black Company

Alt title: Meikyuu Black Company

Vol: 7+; Ch: 35+
2016 - ?
3.296 out of 5 from 165 votes
Rank #24,312
The Dungeon of the Black Company

Kinji had it made–a swank apartment, a real estate empire, and enough cash to lounge around living the good life. After a freak magical accident, he washes up in another world, all but enslaved to a crooked corporation. In a fantastical land where money is everything, there’s only one way for an Earthling to get ahead: make your fortune, by any means necessary! Dragons, goblins, and the occasional dubious potion won’t stop Kinji’s quest for the world’s biggest bank account. The Black Company is open for business!

Source: Seven Seas

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People can get accustomed to whatever they want. Kinji has been working hard only for this day. Thanks to his efforts, he was able to expand his assets and then target real estate markets overseas, which made possible for him to forget about working. ‘Just look at these people: students and pedestrians. They all are trying to do something with their lives. I, however, do not need such a thing to worry about anymore. I am rich.’ And when he finishes saying it, he is transported to another world, where he has to work as a miner 14 hours a day. Even worse, the worker dorm is a shared house, with no space for privacy. Bathing is only allowed once a month. Being fed up with his life in the new world, Kinji does not give up. One day, he asks his coworker to help him mine demon stones, which cost a fortune. Regrettably, the two are captured by a female dragon and according to the old Chinese wisdom: ‘the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.’ Kinji offers the dragon to provide her with all the yummy food that she can think of and in exchange for that, she will not eat them. And so Kinji’s adventure to wealth begins.Meikyuu Black Company is an isekai, but it has many things to offer. It does have a very slow start, which you should keep in mind, if you want to read that manga. However, having read 11 chapters, things will surely get interesting and somewhat complicated. Anyways, the whole story is an allusion to corporate systems and to our world. Maybe it is even a good prophesy, because something like that can easily happen in the future. Anyways, story wise, Meikyuu Black Company is a very interesting read.As for the characters, Meikyuu Black Company also has something unique to offer. Kinji is, indeed, a shut-in. But why would you want to waste your life on working, when you have a fortune? So his attitude towards life is understandable. Yet, the moment he starts to make fun of other people, who need to work to provide for themselves, he finds himself in a new world, where he needs to work and where no one cares about him. What is more, Kinji does not have a superpower, or some overpowered weapon; he has nothing. Though, it might be an exaggeration for me to say that. There is something Kinji has and it is charisma. With his charisma alone, he rises through the ranks and this is where all the fun begins.All in all, this one is quite a unique and very enjoyable isekai to read. Taking into consideration the fact that Meikyuu Black Company will get an anime adaptation in the future, I would highly recommend you to either check the manga, or to add the upcoming anime to your plan to watch list. Either way, this is a very unique isekai; do give it a try.

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