The Druid of Seoul Station (Novel)

Alt title: Seoulyeok Druid (Novel)

Ch: 510
2019 - 2023
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The Druid of Seoul Station (Novel)

When an ordinary Korean man named Suho Park is suddenly transported to a world full of gignatic, vicious animals, he has no choice but to run for his life―and learn how to fight back. Because even on a planet full of beasts, someone has to be at the top of the food chain. After building his strength and reaching the top of his wolf pack over the course of a thousand years, Suho is catapulted back to Earth just as suddenly as he left it. But he quickly discovers that his homeland is nothing like he remembered it: Earth is now in an age of dimensions, connected to distant alien planets as well as dungeons filled with bloodthirsty monsters. Now, Suho must navigate this new society and its hierarchies after spending centuries on another planet with no human contact whatsoever. Will the skills he acquired among the beasts be enough to survive in this strange new world?

Source: Yonder

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