The Dream of the Cuckoos

Alt title: Kakkou no Yume

Vol: 2; Ch: 9
2016 - 2017
4.193 out of 5 from 227 votes
Rank #5,708
The Dream of the Cuckoos

For four years, Shougo Natsuka has loved his popular, perfect, and handsome classmate Hiro Hakushima. Out of fear of ruining Hiro's reputation, Shougo never confessed his feelings and remained his friend over the years. Now in college, Shougo has started sleeping with Seno, a sex friend that is the exact opposite of Hiro. Shougo settles into a life with staying by Hiro's side as his friend and releasing his urges on Seno. But, when Seno and Hiro experience a body-switch after an accident, will Shougo finally be able to touch Hiro through Seno's body?

Source: Futekiya

Content Warning

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