The Dragon's Betrothed

Alt title: Kamisama no Uroko

Vol: 2+; Ch: 10+
2016 - ?
4.32 out of 5 from 596 votes
Rank #280
The Dragon's Betrothed

Troubled writer Chiharu Izunome reluctantly returns to his rural hometown, hoping some R & R will refresh his creative juices. Instead of finding respite, he’s quickly entangled by an old promise to wed a local god! Rin, the water dragon god to whom Chiharu has been betrothed, can be disarmingly friendly and charming, but inside lurks an animalistic ferocity. Knowing that he can’t escape Rin’s protective embrace, can Chiharu make himself fall in love with the god instead?

Source: SuBLime

Content Warning

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Such a beautiful truly heartwarming story!! Omg i'm basically speechless this is too good to be true!! The is the best yaoi manga i ever read!! My god! I lovee bl stories but in most the yaoi manga has this disturbing relationships or disturbing cringy sex sceans where it truly disgust me... because always those story focus on' where more can i squeeze a hot seen?' Like that without any lovely feelings or romantic feeling it just a pron without plot kind of thing..if not then the same is manipulative or abusive or too dominate or the uke is a cry baby can't even say that he is a man too no self respect like that those characters  have no quality as a likable character or they just rushed to the hot scean without devolping their feelings or their relationship so i realy can't love those characters or wish them to be together or be happy... so i usually drope those kind of stories but when it cames to shounen ai i realy enjoy readings about the characters their love for each other their feelings and the intimate sceans are truely feel good  and i always wish for what i'm saying is although this is a yaoi manga that feeling of love real romance is actually there... and its seriously feels too good!!! The love is in the air! I cried so much for them they tug my heat and worm my heart again its realy is beautiful and pure their romance is truely something you feel envious for... and their characters are lovable and makes you feel happy to read about them! And their relationship is beautifully and perfectly develop through out the story there is no rushing for anything the story natural flows its own and when we finaly come to the sex scean it dosen't feel cringy or disturbing but qualit beautiful and satisfing and makes you want to root for them and wish them to be happy... there is no disturbing weird domination or manipulation... and in that moment too they care for each other they love each other! Its truely love making not some pron..they don't force each but respect each others openions and its realy makes my heartwarm so this is realy a rare piece of work! Truele a masterpiece!!  And i have to say the art is soooo good! Damn pretty the dragon is omg i loved it! So badass i realy loved when the story become bit dark because the art style deliverd that dark feeling wonderfully! Soo good! I dare say one of the best ❤👌 A must read!

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