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Alt title: Ryuukishi no Okiniiri

The Dragon Knight's Beloved
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Feb 3, 2021

The Dragon Knight's Favorite is a tale of a girl who since childhood loved dragons and they loved her back.  She has spent all her time feeding and caring for the dragons belonging to dragon knights of the kingdom, but now that she's of age, she's going to have to get a different job for a couple years.  Also, as she finds out, the knight of her favorite dragon is going to be leaving as well!  Of course the solution is for that knight to hire her to work around a bunch of dragons, right? 

A tale of dragons, romance, and walls of text!  Really, it might as well be a novel.  Also, idk if you'd call it a sub-genre or a tag or a trope but also 'Fake/Pretend Relationship' which drives me crazy.  And I couldn't really find myself liking the characters, and I wasn't really drawn into/hooked on the story as is, so I dropped it after a few chapters. 

That said, the art is very stylized and well done.  Definitely the highlight of the manga- it would've been great if every bubble wasn't huge and packed full of text.  Detracts from the 'manga' feel of it.  Manga should be for light, casual reading.  I read novels when I want novels.  

5/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall