The Divine Physician

Alt titles: Divine Doctor, Shen Yi Di Nu, The Divine Doctor

Ch: 621+
2016 - ?
4.03 out of 5 from 1,103 votes
Rank #3,131
The Divine Physician

She went back in time, and Feng Yuheng, genius in both Western and Chinese medicine, became an abused legitimate daughter in the shun dynasty. But you want to kill me? I'll stab you with my scalpel and make you unable to move your lower body? You want to fight against me? I have an apothecary with me, and both fame and money are in my hands. even the emperor wants to form close ties with me! But what’s with this marriage contract? a disfigured, lame person just flirted with me, and he even wants me to conquer the world with him? Are you off your rockers, you hooligan of a prince?

Source: Bilibili Comics

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