The Devil's Boy

Alt title: Angmaui Sonyeon

Ch: 80
2018 - 2020
3.64 out of 5 from 401 votes
Rank #20,776
The Devil's Boy

Jungho is bullied to the point of self-harm, until one day, his prayers are answered by Mephistopheles, the archdevil. Mephisto offers Jungho magical powers that would allow him to take revenge on his bullies, and in return, asks for his soul. It’s an easy choice for Jungho, who thinks nothing can be worse than the living hell that is his life. But what he doesn’t know is that there are greater forces at work, and that he is but a pawn in a much larger game played by demons and exorcists.

Source: Lezhin

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To say the least I wholeheartedly enjoyed the concept that this manhwa dove into. The idea of getting revenge is a strong one and it is really easy to screw up when you’re trying to write about it. This story handled it properly but because of that it had to sacrifice other points of the plot. But the minor ‘problems’ tend to be forgotten about because of the other positive values that outshone them. There are parts of the plot that are questionable because of the somewhat messed up stuff that happens. Moving on to the art, I personally fancied it over many other manhwas artwork. Although any art style that works with the story that it’s trying to tell gets a 10 out of 10 from me, this art style was compelling. The powers that were unleashed during the fight scenes were interesting to look at. Every facial expression that the characters made were automatically fitting towards the situation they were in. But there were some panels that were slightly degraded in quality compared to the others, but it was hard to notice the difference. The characters in this story were not realistic. Every character is basically insane but that’s what makes the story work. The main reason I stayed reading this story was because I wanted to see how the MC was going to overcome his foes. If the people he wanted to defeat were not downright psychotic then I would of questioned if the MC’s actions were justified. But what elevated the plot even more was how the MC slowly became insane as well through this process. It was interesting to see him abandon his original morals and blind himself with the idea of revenge. Although there were a limited amount of characters that went through character development throughout the story, the MC still made the story gripping.   In the end, the story and artwork were engaging and I would be delighted to read it again.


First 25 chapters were insufferable. God. From then on it picked up and I thought it was finally going to get good, but it didn't. It got better, at least. Not good, but at least the powers got cooler, so you have that. The concept sounded good but it was so so poorly set up and executed. All characters' motivations are 'It's your fault that X' when it's clearly not their fault? They really be going around trying to kill anyone that was remotely involved. What a reach they have to be making for some of the accusations. The worst is, the manhwa acts like they really are to blame? The story proceeds like they really are at fault. What the hell even. If you think a little you clearly see it's not their fault??? at all??? So annoying. Everyone keeps blaming MC for things when the only thing he did was get the shit beaten out of him HARD on a daily basis. He was a victim. And when he tries to stand up for himself/get revenge everyone acts like he's the one who's in the wrong. Even though they KNOW and have seen him get beaten. On that same note, how utterly annoying that most characters keep making decisions that make no sense and are infuriating. Angels helping demons with bad shit for no logical reason. Angels protecting humans that are utter pieces of shit... Relationships? We're friends. Then foes. Then friends. Then foes. Then friends. Then... These people turn on each other like pages of a book outside on a windy day. The characters almost die 300 times and suddenly gain a new power. How convenient. And the power dynamics? What even is going on with the power dynamics? Humans with no powers stronger than humans with powers. Humans with powers stronger than devils. Small devils stronger than powerful devils. Devils that are supposedly strong af get taken down in one sit. But it's only like that sometimes, other times it's the other way around. Consistency 0. /SPOILER HERE/ The whole bet between Mephisto and God? That never got explained in a way that makes sense? I mean, the first one can kinda be explained but why did they make the bet again? Because God is a sore loser? Because he didn't accept that he had lost? Is God just a piece of shit? /STILL SPOILER/ Also the fact that NONE of the reincarnations of these people are anything similar to their past. In fact, they are the complete opposite. The good and kindhearted characters all reincarnated into scumbags? A scumbag's reincarnation is a good kid? Yeah right.I was supposed to feel bad for the villain who beats people almost to death for fun and is a complete scum just because 1. he has *mommy abandonment issues* and 2. MC is the reincarnation of the man who killed his father in a past life? Which he doesn't even remember because he is just the reincarnation and reincarnations don't remember their past lives. We see him being a piece of shit since the beginning of the story, who bullies and almost kills everyone he comes across ✨ for fun ✨ and thoroughly enjoys beating people up and later they throw a ✨ sad ✨ backstory that doesn't justify his actions and I'm supposed to eat it? /STILL SPOILER/ The part where the girl was blackmailed into manipulating MC with a pic of when she was fat that she didn't want to get spread. She kinda liked MC and didn't want to do it but the fat pic was oh so threatening. After doing what the bullies ask her to and fucking up MC she goes and kills herslef. Why deceive MC if you end up killing yourself anyways? except that oh, it served as plot device. /SPOILERS END/ There are so many wrong things with this story. I wanted to poke my eyes out for most of its duration. I'm sorry for all the cursing but reading this was so infuriating on so many levels. I'm not sure if I was supposed to take this manhwa seriously anymore. Maybe it was supposed to be taken as crack and I read it the wrong way. cause I swear some parts felt like it. There was an instance where they made fun of MC for having a big d. deadass. Oh and MC looks like he has two completely different personalities that can be switched on or off at the writer's convenience. At first you think he had some character development and is badass now, but then he reverts to his old weak-minded self. Then he's badass again. Then weak-minded. 🔄 The last chapter had me rolling my eyes to the ceiling. Especially the girl part. God. The only thing I can praise is the art. It was nice. Except for the ears at forehead level that once you notice you are no longer able to unsee. The powers were cool. The concept of MC's powers was also really cool. Wasted potential of a good concept and art, wasted on terrible writing. Outstanding tomfoolery, I tell you.

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