The Devil is a Handsome Man

Ch: 71+
2018 - ?
4.277 out of 5 from 125 votes
Rank #4,040
The Devil is a Handsome Man

Xolia makes the deal with the devil in order to obtain her desires. But she soon finds that this deal is shrouded in more mystery than she could have imagined.

Source: Webtoon

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All your desires can come true; the only thing you have to do is a deal with the devil. Xolia, a demon who decides to fulfill her desires decides to proceed into making a deal with the devil. Only that this deal is a little different than what you may have in mind. Xo(lia) is going to the Centralia Center for an interview and there she's being interviewed by the devil himself. He agrees to make her dreams come true if she works for him. As she starts her new job there, she finds herself involved in more troubles and mystery than she expected. Story. The story starts with mystery and somehow manages to keep it 70 chapters later too withut making overbearing. It gives you small hints every time and small pieces of the story but still you can't quite get what it is. There is a main story going on which is supported by the backstories of the various characters that unravel slowly. The main genres are drama and mystery but there is a good amount of comic relief to lighten the mood between the very serious moments. Generelly the strogest part of this webtoon is it's beautiful story. Characters. Characters are unique and beautiful. Everyone is hot and super classy and they have amazing style. They all have their own identity and they gain your interest from the first moment you see them. There are many new characters introduced every time so you may think it's hard to keep up but fear not! Their backstories are slowly unraveling you just can't get enough learning more about them. Xolia (Xo).She's the goddess of these series. She's beautiful and fiery. She always dresses stylish and have amazing hair. She's very sweet and kind and gets along with everyine, even people in the office that no one talk at or they are outcasts. She has a charming personality and is usually cheerful; thing which motivates others and attracts many people.Lucifer (Luc).The big boss. He is the creatorof all and he technically is the boss of everyone. He is mysterious and...faceless. It is said that everyone who has made a deal with him had their lives improved so they all love him. He is a little mischivious but he is the Devil so I think it's okay. Even though he holds a very high position in society he isn't very intimidating to people.Delta.Xo's best friend and a pure cinammon roll fighting to overcome depression and be happy. She has an annoying personality for some as she looks like she's taking advantage of other's kindness. She seems irresponsible and like she's looking for petty but she's actually a person who has suffered a lot in her life and she tries to move on from that.Valo (Val).He is the bad guy. Not really, he just acts like the bad guy, doing jobs that no one else wants to and getting his hands dirty for his boss. He is actually a kind person, whohad his own share of troubles in the past that come to haunt him. He is a little awkward but he cares about his coworkers.Clarence (Ren).Another pure cinammon roll who needs to be protected and cherished at any cost. His characters is a little confusing so far but I yhink it will all come together soon. He also is a person who fights with mental illness so you can't help but have a soft spot for him too. Art. To be honest, I find the art a masterpiece. There are certain shades of colors in every episode and certain colors that represnt every character and that comes as their stories start to come into light. The details are simply amazing, you spend a few seconds admiring some pages and the characters are so beautifully drawn that you are really jealous. Something that I don't refer to often beacause I don't notice is the background but in this webtoon it really can't go unnoticed. Also the architecture is pure genious Overall The story is filled with mystery that slowly starts unravelling making you to read more and more. They beauty in the art makes it almost addictive and the chapters' lenght is satisfactory. As you read you notice that there are many stories going on and they all happen at the same time. You get cloder to the characters as you keep reading and it's a really great journey. I totally recomend it to everyone who likes a good drama and mystery.

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