The Detective of Muiella

Alt title: Muiella-ui Susagwan

Ch: 163
2017 - 2021
3.82 out of 5 from 825 votes
Rank #10,649
The Detective of Muiella

Kate Smith enjoys her quiet life as a maid and has no interest in getting married. Her resolve only deepens as she watches her peers swoon over the moody manservant, Ian. Whether it's fate or bad luck, Kate quickly finds herself in a series of compromising encounters with him. One day another maid goes missing and the mystical happenings that follow only intensify her suspicions about Ian. As the expert detective Jade Killian comes into town, can he help her uncover the truth?

Source: Tapas

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I've been on a cycle of reading and dropping this webtoon for a while. Everytime, I would read a couple chapters and find the progression of the story too slow and not interesting enough; so I drop reading it. I would then later pick it back up again because it's one of the few ongoing webtoon that have a lot of uploads and a decent rating on other sites and I want to give it another chance. But, when I read it again, I still find it too dull to continue and would drop again...  So I've on this cycle until I thought the story is finally getting somewhere around chapter 26~ ... And around chapter 30~ I thought wow, I'm glad I've been persistant on reading it and it's finally getting good. But that's when the season ends. And the beginning of the new season, new setting, the story goes back into being kind of slow again. I actually really like the characters. They're both very charasmatic and smart. It is rewarding to see the character development of the FL and ML since "Season 1" and how their relationship with each have grown and becomes more romantic.  This is definitely a webtoon that is slow burning, focusing on building the story around all the characters involved in the cases. I would recommend if you don't mind the slow development. That's the "charm" of this webtoon. It can drive you mad by how slow the story goes on but you can't stop reading because you want to know how everything ends up. The story itself is overall pretty good, but, just not for me. The slow progression is driving me mad, I'll be taking another break from reading for now. 

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