The Dark Mage's Return to Enlistment

Alt title: Gwihwanhaenneunde Ipdae Jeonnarida

Ch: 50+
2023 - ?
3.925 out of 5 from 863 votes
Rank #6,362
The Dark Mage's Return to Enlistment

Minjun Kim, an ordinary high school senior in Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world, where he became a dark mage. Determined to return home, he overcame all sorts of hardships and saved the other world with black magic before leaving all his wealth and glory as a hero behind to return to Earth. However, before he could fully enjoy his life, a problem arose. A dungeon break had occured and monsters came pouring out, threatening his comfortable days. Therefore, Minjun, who had just returned to earth, had no choice but to… enlist on the very next day!!!

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Since there's no summary, I'll start with it.  This is a story about a guy who was summoned to another world from Earth and became a dark mage in that world. After suffering hardships because he was a DARK mage, he finally returned to earth again (kinda illegally as he kept his powers). But when he returned he realised that earth had become more dangerous (like the earth already had dungeons before he had left but now they were even more OP with stronger monsters) and that it was necessary for all people to serve 5 years in the military so he had to enlist himself to fight monsters again.  Now, my personal review.  Spoiler Warning Plot: It's a good plot though quite predictable. This guy comes from another world and there he had been trained quite harshly and in 2 years, he had received quite the experience and training so now here on earth, in front of other recruits, he seems like a genius while in reality, he has just received a harsher training than them. So while the other recruits think this is hard, it's like nothing to him and all his training experiences on earth are compared to the ones he had in the other world.  Currently, he's portrayed as a crazy man whose goal is to destroy all the monsters so that the gaming company of his favorite game can keep making the game better and he can keep playing it without having to serve in military. Right now, his short term goal is to advance in ranks.  Of course this is the OP MC type of manhwa, atleast right now he is OP. He might meet others later in the story who have similar strength as him or maybe not.  Art: The art is good except that all people seem pretty much similar to me. It's kinda hard to identify who is who other than the MC who has this unique energy.  All in all, a good read for those who like manhwas with cool personality, OP MC who don't give a f**k, killing monsters and clearing dungeons. 

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