The Cute Little Monster Next Door

Alt title: Ore no Tonari no Kawaii Kemono

Ch: 4
2018 - 2019
3.494 out of 5 from 175 votes
Rank #27,761
The Cute Little Monster Next Door

Daichi, a kind-hearted delinquent, and Haruto, who's just as cute as any schoolgirl around, have been friends since childhood. Haruto always claims that Daichi is his, and constantly gets in the way when Daichi talks to girls. Because of Haruto, Daichi doesn't even know what to say or do when he goes on a group date. It crosses his mind sometimes that everything would be great if only Haruto were a girl... And all of a sudden, Haruto appears on his doorstep dressed up as one! Seeing Daichi blush at the sight of him is just too much for Haruto, and an intense encounter ensues...

Source: Renta!

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