The Crow's Prince

Alt title: Hapirimyeon Kkamagwiga Doeeobeoryeotda

Ch: 101+
2022 - ?
4.091 out of 5 from 1,419 votes
Rank #1,954
The Crow's Prince

Life is about survival of the fittest... But what do you do when you're reborn as a crow? Find someone big and strong to take you in, of course! After saving Prince Camute's life, Rainelle is brought to the imperial palace to live as his pet. However, just as she believes she's set to live a life of comfort, she finds herself caught at the center of a dangerous power struggle between Prince Camute and his brother. Now that her survival depends on his, will Rainelle find a way to help her prince?

Source: Tapas

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OMG GUYS THIS IS SO AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ!!! This manwha is such a breathe of fresh air and I'm sure most of y'all will love it and I'll explain why Slight spoilers  I will try to no spoil too much where it ruins the story but if you want to jump into this story blindfolded and want to find out things on your own then this review isn't for you (hey that rhymed) First things first this manwha is actually pretty funny, it has just the right amount of comedy and doesn't kill the suspense completely when there's serious moments, the comedy is very similar to that of Beware of the villainess.  I also love the pacing of the story, unlike some of the other manwhas, this story doesn't drag on the fl being a animal for too long which I found annoying with princess carrier falcon or whatever it's called. The fl isn't useless either, the ml and fl make a perfect team and can rely on eachother and thus far there hasn't been any annoying misunderstandings that drag on until the end of time, unlike the majority of manwhas. (So far) more on the fl, like I said before she isn't useless But she's also pretty smart with the knowledge of her past life which benefits her and the ml, but she isn't overpowered with her knowledge since barely remembers anything about the current world she's living in, it's a really nice balance. I'll also say this again but seriously the fls and mls relationship is adorable, I really like their story concept and they're just so frickin cute. the art is so pretty as well it's not even funny, I also adore the fls character design. It's just so unique and pretty so props to the author for creating that masterpiece. other than that please please please read this! You will not regret! (Hopefully)

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