The Chart of Priest

Alt titles: Sinbunim-ui Carte, The Priest's Chart

Ch: 130
2016 - 2019
4.005 out of 5 from 375 votes
Rank #3,617
The Chart of Priest

When the hero Cliff defeats the evil Demon King, he's left with an unwanted parting gift: a devastating curse that viciously attacks his body and mind. For many years priests, healers, and even Cliff's powerful dragon companions have tried to relieve him of this affliction, but none have succeeded. When the young priest Edward Granche is involved in an unfortunate incident that causes him to be removed from the Holy City and assigned to a remote post in the countryside, he meets the pained, prematurely-aged Cliff and is determined to help him. In his mission to relieve the veteran hero of his suffering, the two men begin falling in love.

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HOLD IT DID THEY DROP THIS...? I just reached 130 chapters and it ended in a cliffhanger with Cliff's (oh it's a pun) hero backstory being played out. I looked at the author's works it seems to me that they're drained from a creative burnout and just dived into new projects since new ideas always seep through the brain of a mind that's constantly generating new concepts. Chart of priest, with its abundant characters, lore, and holy city's history, these are all components that could keep this series running forever... and it's already taken few years of the author's life so it's understandable that they abandon the project midway (it's mentally taxing bruh), well at least they didn't rush an ending like most authors do coz that would really take away all the amazing things the story has laid out for us. IM GONNA HOLD ONTO THE TINY HOPE that it'll get picked up again, coz it's getting good in the end.  Ok to start off, all characters in it are crafted thoughtfully, there are arcs in each section dedicated just for the secondary characters to have their fates collide with Cliff & Edward. It's still MOSTLY about the interactions between them tho, Sherry, Ed's brother (I can't spell his name), and Harry are the most interesting ones thus far, tho others are also as equally well-made. You can see their true colours unveiling as you read, you can't take these peeps at face value. So far, Ed's bro looks like a mastermind behind this whole "erectal" operation shit. But we dk what happens next since it's dropped (jokes on you) so there's that. I can already feel the loss of enthusiasm from the author as I got into the supposed third act chapters without a title, the earlier chapters were all approached by a specific theme (title).  For the art department, I ain't a fan of the facial proportions it's very typical of the basic style of webtoons... and Cliff, a 37 yo man who looks prematurely aged because of his damn lines along the cheeks, I seriously thought he was over 50 at first oh word. He kept calling himself an old man when he's in his 30s hahaha. Besides that, I wholly support in whatever creative choice the author likes to go with their dialogue design, but there are parts I just couldn't fuck with, like the distortion effect used on some nightmarish dialogues to match the tone of a scene; and THAT DAMN blurring on the word "sheath" by literally placing a SHEATH over the word. Those choices ain't cute man I've to strain my eyes and zoom in just to see what the word was. Other than that, it's plain and average, but the story's worth it so ya can overlook the art style. 

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