The Black Mirror

Alt title: Geomeun Geoul

Ch: 62
2020 - 2021
4.067 out of 5 from 1,309 votes
Rank #2,405
The Black Mirror

"Should I tell you the truth?” Ever since a traumatic incident caused him to lose all of his childhood memories, Tae-jun has been haunted by terrifying hallucinations and nightmares. While apartment hunting one day, a hallucination leads him to Yeon-woo, a handsome man who recognizes him immediately. But after moving into Yeon-woo's spare room, Tae-jun begins to have recurring nightmares of bloody, disembodied hands groping him… As an unexpected attraction grows between the two men, will Tae-jun be able to uncover the hidden secrets of his past? Or are some secrets better left untold?

Source: TappyToon

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An easy 10/10. Holy shit did this absolutely DELIVER. From beginning to end, there was not a single moment where I felt disappointed or bored. For a psychological horror story, The Black Mirror had me on the edge of my seat for the whole ride. It was gritty and sinister and shrouded in mystery. The plot was absolutely phenomenal. So many great ideas and themes present (e.g. malice, hidden desires, human nature, etc.); all executed wonderfully. All the tiny little details really took effect and were able to heighten the atmosphere, like all the little tapping or screeching noises throughout the drawings. Before you know it, you're immersed into this imposing dark mansion full of mirrors, just like Jun, the MC is. Along with Jun (who is such a great character ESPECIALLY for a horror manhwa), we tread through this story uncovering more and more about the past, Yeon Woo, the hallucinations, and the "evaporating" murder cases. Looking back, there seem to be a lot of different things going on in the plot, and yet the author was able to so skillfully set the pace in order for the story to just flow effortlessly through each panel. In the end, we are left with this fucked up (in the best way possible) resolution to Jun and Yeon Woo's story. It's perfectly imperfect because that is exactly what the characters are. After exposing both of Jun and Yeon Woo's psyche and "hidden natures," this kind of "not really a happy end but still a happy end for them" just seems so...faithful to who they are. Extra points also include the absolutely stunning artwork and incredibly complex cast of characters.

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