The Beloved Fake Saint

Alt title: Gajja Seongnyeoinde Sindeuri Jipchakanda

Ch: 76+
2022 - ?
4.036 out of 5 from 372 votes
Rank #2,983
The Beloved Fake Saint

Appointed as a saint merely to secure political power for the crown prince, Ariel Celestin knows certain death awaits her if she’s ever found out to be a fraud. Desperate to avoid this fate, she comes up with a plan: secretly flee the temple with the help of the gods who dote on her! But when her actions accidentally draw the attention of the crown prince, the pope, and a powerful merchant, Ariel soon discovers that asking the gods to help might not be a big enough miracle to save herself...

Source: Tapas

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It's rather funny, especially the parts with the gods who watch and comment about her life as if they're watching a soap. But I found it rather unrealistic that she's getting scared of being killed whenever she's talking to one of the MLs. I mean, you could say that she not only has the gods on her side, but pretty much in her pocket. Man, she even scolds the gods, but is scared of a fckn twerp of a crown prince? Or a priest who serves one of the gods in her pocket? No way..  Besides, she not realising that she IS the saintess after recieving so much from the gods is just pathetic from the author. Why would you stupidify your character to THAT extent? Did you not even think a frickin minute about wether your main character is realistic or no? Come on! I'm not expecting deep characters and story like Game of Thrones from you, I just expect you to use you head for 1 minute to put yourself into your own characters position and rethink whatever bullshit you just tried to write down. If possible, before taking up the pencil, please.*ragemode:off* Also, even tho she wants to avoid the MLs, she's always going with them for no reason, just to spout half-hearted excuses to get away from them again (of course they don't work). Then, of course, she stumbles so that ML can catch her up and she can blush. FAAAAAKE. All of that feels so fake ... It's just forced onto the FL and the readers. A more fitting manhwa name would be "Everything about me is fake, but the gods are obsessed"Would it be that hard to at least implement a reason for her not being able to refuse them, so that she doesn't betray herself again and again? Or just don't make it one of her first priorities to avoid the MLs if she NEVER does so in the end. Anyways, it's still funny and I don't have a lot more stuff to read, so, yea, I'll be trying some more chapters, I guess ...

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