The Beau and the Beast

Alt titles: Charming and the Beast, Minamgwa Yasu

Ch: 80
2021 - 2022
3.609 out of 5 from 914 votes
Rank #24,308
The Beau and the Beast

After getting into a car accident, Hanbyul wakes up in the body of a princess. But something's wrong; she's doubled in size, grown hair everywhere, and seems to terrify everyone who looks her way — she's become a beast! How will she live on as the cursed Princess Alexa?

Source: Manta Comics

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Strong start that fizzles out to nothing, The Beau and The Beast is wasted potential in my eyes. The female lead reincarnates into the body of a cursed villainess, with a body and features that resembled a beast, completely covered with hair. I actually found it amusing that she waxed herself clean to get rid of her beast-like look. There's just so much that I found lacking in the story. The romance with the ostracized yet powerful duke had little to no build-up. It's like one day they were strangers and in two chapters, they were very interested in each other romantically. Like, bro what gives?  The plot as well was paced strangely. They inserted information when none needed to be said and they introduced events that felt like they were rushed for no reason at all. Especially this one fight scene during the tournament. I feel like the author used it as a vehicle to improve the status of the princess in the eyes of the soldiers but to me, it seemed more like a filler chapter that only served to proclaim how Cool and Interesting and Unique the female lead is. Without really doing much of anything. The duke, who was supposed to be shown as aloof and mysterious, was just closed off and boring. He had little to no personality even if he opened his mouth. Sorry dude. It's not you, it's how you were portrayed that was the issue. I'm sorry, I really tried to enjoy this but I ended up dropping it with its multiple inconsistencies and meh characters. Should you read it? Nah. There's plenty of manhwas out there that are more interesting than this one. Reviewed at Chapter 25.

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