The Beast Must Die

Alt title: Yasuneun Jugeoya Handa

Vol: 10; Ch: 88
2017 - 2022
4.19 out of 5 from 586 votes
Rank #979
The Beast Must Die

After finding out his sister has been gang-raped by a secret fraternity before she commited suicide, Lee Kirin decides to catch the rapists and take revenge on them. He approaches one of the known members of the group, Kang Moo, and asks him for his cooperation. However, in order to join the fraternity and find out who led his sister to her death, he is asked to have sex with everyone in the fraternity. As time goes by, this isn't the only challenge he has to face in order to come closer to the truth.

Source: Lezhin

Includes 28 extra chapters.

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OKAY SO FIRST THINGS FIRST.****THIS IS INTENSE AS HELL***VERY BLOODY AND GORY AND F"S WITH YOU MENTAL**** Now that I've expressed that like oh my goodness I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I can not express how great this is. This might even be better than killing and stalking. Oh, also I only advise you to read this if you enjoyed killing and stalking or things that fall into that genre. Because this I'm pretty sure has more blood more murders and more intense scenes than it. And honestly, the whole plot ***WOWED** me. And I like felt each moment I understood the characters when the author wanted me to they had great control over the story. I felt hinged to my seat with every cliffhanger.This is honestly great the plot is amazing.  I'm just purely blown away by all the factors of the manga and the sheer work the author put into it. It also was an amazing experience because it made you feel every action and emotion in the story. All the charter's devolvement was great. And at a certain point, I thought the story was lying to me that's how good it was. This is one of the best reads I have read I may even re-read it so yeah. If you like killing and stalking then definitely read this uhmm even though nothing gets a 10/10  because nothing and nobody's perfect. Definitely, 10/10 do recommend     But if I had to be judgemental and this is because of more of the genre and the fact that I like that and the story. With a biased unbiased critical opinion. This story defiantly could have had some areas where there were more dramatic areas and I will also say up until halfway through you don't see a good/great art improvement. Also because of the genre and the plot, this manga is  just f*cke*d up asf honestly but that just the way the ball bounces lamo  I really like this so yeah I don't have anything too damaging to say  GOOOOO CHECK IT OUT IT'S GREAT !!!! 


This was a mfer master piece. It was so well written. It’s my number 1 in the psychological genre and Kang Moo was written so perfectly *chefs kiss*. The author definitely did their research on the different type of psychos. The author also uses references or quotes to real life psychopaths.  We also get to see 2 other psychos in this story besides Kang Moo. Obviously not a lot like Kang Moo as he’s one of the main characters. People are comparing it to killing stalking but for me this was way better. You got to remember not all psychopath function like Oh Sangwoo. And not all these type of stories will be another Oh Sangwoo. Kang Moo has a high functioning mind, he literally can probably outsmart most people. He is brilliant, crafty and twisted. He knew he was a psychopath from a young age and even went to 5 different specialist who all diagnosed him as a psychopath. You can’t even approach this man unless he wanted you to approach him. He’s like 100 steps ahead of what anyone is thinking. He’s a brilliant mastermind. And it’s scary to know that there are people like Kang Moo in real life. If you pay attention to the story and plot everything he does was precisely thought out and planned there are no miscalculations in his judgment. It breaks my heart that Kang Moo has no love for Kirin because he’s a psychopath they don’t understand the concept of love and it’s been repeated that he can’t explain why but Kirin is his possession, his toy. So in a way yes he cares for Kirin a lot but he doesn’t understand it as caring or love. Kang Moo also does everything for himself first and then Kirin second, author also confirmed this on their Twitter. Kang Moo would kill Kirin if he had to for any of his plans or plots. Kirin is Kang Moos weakness and helps him to tame the beast inside him for now. If Kirin were to die he doesn’t know how to feel he knows he’d feel something for a few days and then move on in life and probably go on a murder spree. Kirin also asks Kang Moo to kill him first because he can’t see Kang Moo ruining his life before his eyes. I love how Kang Moo was sometimes being cute to Kirin even if he doesn’t realize it lmao but Kirin will be like shhh let’s not ruin the moment cuz he knows 🤣 also the matching necklaces were adorable. The fact that Kang Moo has Kirin being watched by lifetime body guards 24/7 😭 The very ending last chapters had me in my feels. You can slowly see how Kang Moo is about to lose it and become murderous. I like how the author said she wanted to leave it as a happy ending but that shit didn’t feel like a happy ending because we all know what’s about to happen after that last chapter. No she didn’t write anything bad to happen but everything written in the last chapter and the actions taken just shows Kang Moo is on the verge and Kirin being sad, broke me 😭 Kirin loves Kang Moo so much and he knows he's about to lose him to his beast side. 

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