The Baker on the First Floor

Ch: 65
2016 - 2017
3.563 out of 5 from 1,039 votes
Rank #26,665
The Baker on the First Floor

Sun Hwa is a BL artist using his room as a secret base to draw his work. One day, he gets caught working on his comic by a handsome blond man. Later, he finds out that this man is the new baker on the first floor. But there's just more to this man than simply his looks.

Source: Lezhin

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The potential in this is so high. While I did enjoy this manhua and read until the very end, there are a few things I really felt disappointed in. The biggest issue is the lack of relationship development between the two main characters. Despite being told toward the end that they were in love, I never really saw this happening between them during the story, I don't think it was shown convincingly. I think this may be due to the fact that there is so much jumping around between past stories for the main characters and the supporting characters.  So much of the story actually consists of side characters and things that happened in the past. As far as the two main characters there is very little shown of the present and what is taking place between them.  The art is good and really improves as the story goes on, which is really cool to see how this artist is developing and improving. The characters were interesting, but due to all the skipping around it's difficult to follow their stories at times. I also think the amount of material for each character is potentially so deep (in the writer's mind) that it was difficult for the artist/writer to show it all in such a short space.  Overall, I would recommend this manga, it was enjoyable to read and I would love to see newer manhuas by this writer as I'm sure they will improve in their storytelling and artwork. It was kind of cool that in a few scenes I saw character cameos from another manhua "Bark Like a Dog", but it also confused me. Is this artist also writing/contributing to that as well? I haven't been able to figure out the connection. On a side note, "Bark like a Dog" is a fun read. 

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