The Bad Relationship

Ch: 50
2023 - 2024
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The Bad Relationship

Han Ga-hye, an elite of the elite who opened a hospital in the middle of an inelegant(?) market for her first rebellion and independence in her life, soon after opening, she became strangely involved with Baek Jeong, the owner of a butcher shop on the first floor of the building. Yes. “Take responsibility” “W-what now...” “Take responsibility for me.” “Oh my, this guy must be crazy. When are you going to take responsibility for seeing me?!” I feel helplessly attracted to the muscles created by art as much as the handsome face, but what kind of butcher only seems to like the noble Han Ga-hye's muscular strength! “What kind of company are we?” “We’re not on good terms!” “Let’s cut out the bad things and become good friends. That’s okay then, right?” Indeed, take a look. Am I marrying a man like that? But the back muscles of the man turning around were elegant.

Source: MU

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