The Archvillain's Daughter in Law

Alt title: Sihanburaseo Heungmagui Myeoneuriga Doeeonneunde

Ch: 74+
2022 - ?
3.875 out of 5 from 614 votes
Rank #8,047
The Archvillain's Daughter in Law

After losing her parents, Laria Losstree is saddled with a mountain of bills. Enter the archvillain, Duke Icardes, who agrees to pay off her debt, but only if she’ll marry his son, Evan. Cool and distant, he’s not exactly ideal husband material, but that’s okay, since Laria plans to secretly stash his money, then bounce! But when the duke starts acting suspiciously nice to her, Laria begins to wonder if he's on to her plan, and a battle of wits between archvillain and daughter-in-law begins!

Source: Tapas

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Cute, wholesome, and kind of concerning (why are there so many sick FLs??), this manhwa satisfies your need for fluff while giving you attractive MLs and a good story!  The plot doesn't linger in the beginning but heads straight to the main plot in less than 5 chapters. The lore isn't as expansive as its peers but the artstyle keeps the world charming and bright, which suits the personality of the female lead. I love the way they drew the characters because it set them apart from each other. Most otome isekai FLs are either airheads or really overpowered; the FL here is neither. She's written realistically, with sufficient knowledge of the world but not too much that she can start creating strategies to subvert the plot as if it was nothing. She behaves like a regular person and has more achievable goals to ensure her survival. If I was reincarnated, I think I would behave somewhat the way she does.  As is custom to the world, she gets married to the ML. We all love an overpowered ML right? But here, they still show that the ML is a human and a child. He isn't as aloof and he still has 'childish' tendencies - reading bedtime stories, wanting affection from his father, loving sweets - which was quite refreshing to me. Like, yes please be a child while you can be!  So far, it seems like the plot is heading somewhere good but at the current state of this, I'm 50-50 on how the story will turn out. I think it's pretty good so far though!! You should definitely give it a try. I'll include a more spoiler-y review below just to alleviate some concerns regarding the condition of her sickness. From the get-go, they tell you that her terminal illness won't result in tragedy because she knows how to fix it. This was honestly relieving for me, who doesn't like tragic mangas.  Reviewed at Chapter 24.


this review has spoilers! summary: our mc (i'm not good with names) was reincarnated as a character in this novel with a terminal illness. that character is then married to the son of the duke (who is the villain in the original story), but she's only there to be a placeholder for the actual female lead of the story--since our mc is supposedly going to die soon. the whole terminal illness aspect of this story isn't that big of a deal, as the mc knows how to deal with it, so don't worry about a tragic ending. (however, aspects of the illness are still there, so if you'd like to see characters worrying over the mc then you're also in luck). the story is decent and is a bit stereotypical (mc is planning to run away once she gets older, and bears resemblance to most reincarnated-as-a-daughter manhwas).  the art is gorgeous! the mc's hair is pretty and the male lead is a cutie. the characters are all pretty good, nothing really outstanding (except for the mc. the mc is so intelligent and actually knows what to do so far, she gets rid of the problems well and actually utilizes her knowledge of the novel). the male lead is a softie for the mc, and they're really cute together. also, the male lead's father actually adheres to his original goals so that's pretty good. you can see the setup for him turning soft for the mc, though. the only 'problem' i'd say, is that the mc resolves conflicts really quickly, and some scenes can be quite cheesy (nothing too overbearing, though).  since this manhwa is a bit new, there's nothing else to say except it's going well and if you like the whole daughter + terminal illness trope, you'll probably enjoy this read! and the male lead being so gentle is a big plus! reviewed at chapter 23

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