The Apostle of Cards

Ch: 69+
2017 - ?
3.956 out of 5 from 94 votes
Rank #4,626
The Apostle of Cards

It's a world ruled by cards. Chen Mu is a one-star card maker and he got a precious card in a second-hand store by chance. By learning card making theory during the day and studying the precious card at night, he makes rapid progress on card making, and his card is valued by the top student from Dongwei Academy. His life is going through changing without being noticed!

Source: Qidian

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Major Spoilers At first the story started of pretty nice like the mc is trying make money for himself but after like few chapters he refused some deal of working with a major family by the name zuo family in the city he is living and that zuo family now wants to kill him. then he somehow survives by entering a forest and meets some random mysterious woman who gives him poison for no apparent reason. the main character made a card and put very hardocore restrictions on it so that it cannot be copied and if someone tries to do so the card explodes, but this zuo family young master wants to copy it no matter what and so this young master gives that card to his teacher who also tried to copy it but he tried to copy it more aggressively which caused a bigger explosion which led this teacher to like a near death state and now the young master blames everything on the mc which made no sense to me like its not the mc's fault to try and hide something he made with his own power but this young master thinks that it is all the mc fault for creating a card like that and now the mc has to change appereances so that he doesnt get caught but this young master figures out the real identity after finding the card that disguised mc and normal mc made are the similar, and so now the mc has to escape then when reaches another city that  also has a major family by the name ning family which is also like a major enemy for zuo family but instead of helping out mc they as well try to kill him and this was not made clear why they tried to kill him but the mc survives because of some woman for the reason that he helped her father but now instead of killing him the ning family made him a ning family card making slave and basically this is the whole story till now. Story stopped making sense to me  after he refused to work with zuo family.  

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