The Alchemist of the Miniature Garden: The Daily Life of the Girl Beloved by God

Alt title: Hakoniwa no Yakujutsushi: Kami-sama ni Aisare Joshi no Isekai Seikatsu

Vol: 6+; Ch: 30+
2020 - ?
3.749 out of 5 from 88 votes
Rank #14,531
The Alchemist of the Miniature Garden: The Daily Life of the Girl Beloved by God

Hinami Kusunoki makes an exchange with a god -- to save her younger sister's life, she'll begin living in an isekai. She can't fight magical beasts, but with the help of the skills that the god gifted her, she'll make delicious potions -- and lots of them! Just because Hinami spends her days in this alternate world leisurely doesn't mean that there aren't an abundace of problems to solve...!

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Saying the main character "remains unaware" of problems around her is possibly the nicest way of saying she's an oblivious, narrow-sighted idiot.  From chapter one, where she agrees to a deal with a kind of creepy God to give herself up, unconditionally, just because the god says he'll save her sister who is very sick- without any thought about how her sister would feel about her disappearing, how her family would react to having one healthy child and the other missing- or even if the sister would remain healthy or if the God wasn't lying... you already know she's a naive, sheltered fool. She lacks a lot of common sense, she's incredibly forgetful, and yet for some reason, the 'god' favors her and gives her things because he wants to use her for... something.  Not too clear on that.  Furthermore, as things fall into her lap, while she portrays an air of 'innocent kindness' all I can see is her being neglectful and not caring about those around her while remaining completely ignorant.  I think the story would be a lot more interesting with pretty much any other female lead.  Really, she's actually 21 years old, de-aged to a younger appearance, but she acts like she's even younger and stupider than that.   For example: with minor spoilers - the main character picks up a slave to help her who is literally said to have eye problems and is losing his sight.  She makes potions.  I thought it was going to be SUPER OBVIOUS that she would immediately try to heal him and there'd be a bunch of cliche 'I owe you my sight, Master' dorkiness.  No, she just.  Forgets.  That he can't hardly see.  And when it's brought up again, she doesn't even think to offer her potions to him?  Or to TRY to heal him?  So yeah, the biggest negative in the entire manga is the main character herself.  The world building isn't bad, the premise isn't terrible for a cliche isekai, but I can't get past how much the FL sucks.  And as more and more characters surround her, supporting her, I can't find myself enjoying it at all.

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