The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

Alt titles: The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player, Tutorial Tabui Goinmul

Ch: 83+
2020 - ?
4.317 out of 5 from 1,782 votes
Rank #2,984
The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

After being trapped for 12 years in a tower full of regenerating monsters, Hyeonu Kim is more powerful than just about any human or monster on Earth. Now that he’s free, he’s determined to find out who was behind his imprisonment, even if that means he has to kill hordes of monsters -- and inadvertently save the world -- along the way.

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One day, monsters appeared in the world, and with them- a tower.  A tower that transported random, unwilling people into it to teach them how to become a ‘Hunter’ through force.  Only 20% of people who disappear into the tower come out, but those who do come out as Hunters, possessing special abilities.  The hope of mankind.  Society changed.  Guilds formed.  Those who were ‘lucky’ enough to be chosen and survive gained great power and wealth.  Our main character, different than all the rest by sheer circumstance and Shonen protagonist tenacity, has more power by a ridiculous amount than everyone else.  (This all probably sounds familiar to you so far.)  But people know about him.  He’s ‘the OP guy who’s cursed to stay in the tower and saved a bunch of us from dying like idiots’ and a subject of rumor and debate on the outside world.  So that’s a bit of a hot take.  And this? This is the story of what happens after the curse keeping him in the tower finally breaks after 1,350 runs of the tower and 12 years in a loop where he didn’t even age but maxed every skill to the tutorial’s limit except for magic.    If you’re looking for a well written version of a done-and-done-and-done-again cliché with the similar themes of tower/dungeon/gates/hunters/adventurers in ‘modern society’ with an OP MC look no further!  You’ll probably be hooked from chapter 1.  This is that, plus it has some pretty decent art.  Originality- er… well, not tons of that world-building wise, but there’s enough to keep it interesting.     The main character’s personality is… less than desirable, but I feel like you have to cut a guy a lot of slack for the hell he went through for twelve years. 

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