The Academy's Undercover Professor

Alt title: Academy Wijangchwieopdanghaetda

Ch: 76+
2022 - ?
4.182 out of 5 from 1,517 votes
Rank #1,011
The Academy's Undercover Professor

Machiavelli and Gerrard are just one of the many names the new professor of Ceoren Academy uses to disguise his identity, and now he can add one more to his list, Professor Ludger Cherish. The real Ludger Cherish dies on board a train during a terrorist attack, making him the perfect target for a new identity. Little does the new professor know, Ludger Cherish was involved in something deep and secret. The new Professor Ludger has to be careful to not get caught by the school and the dangerous secret society.

Source: Webtoon

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It's absurd how many plotlines the author wants to cram into his work in an effort to keep it engaging. It's filled with nonstop plots from every historical legend to made-up legends, from Warwolfes, Twilight, and England. The main issue is that none of them are likely constructed, and after 40 chapters, everything is a complete jumble with countless plots being introduced that are unrelated to one another and without a single one having a conclusion.Although the beginning of the story was intriguing, we can't claim that it has anything to do with being an undercover agent or an academy professor at this point (you cant have 2 lectures or ie 5 chapters in 40 in relation to the academy and give it such a title). Additionally, the manner the words are delivered or interpreted adds a certain embarrassment to the action.The basics of the essentials, such as what kind of world is it, are not even explained. how do you rank? magic quotient? knights? or at least the power rating; don't claim that fourth magic is stronger than third magic only to demonstrate the reverse in a real-world battle. Additionally, a convoluted list of instructions is supplied just to give the impression that it is more supported, despite the fact that it is all confusing nonsense that is unrelated to one another and contradicts the conclusion.Unfortunately, the author is concealing the fact that there is no deep or flushed out storyline or development in the story by combining everything in a buffet into one bowl. Give it a shot but don't expect anything from it.  Oh and the last straw was adding a dragon ball like pwoer where a wish can grante anything and the mc getting to use it yet uses it for an unknown new plot instead of solving his biggests crises that give hi mhis current plot, not only that there is the question why the acadamy itself didnt use it when there was no consquences? too many plot holes and no answer. 

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