That's My Atypical Girl

Alt title: Asper Kanojo

Vol: 12; Ch: 123
2018 - 2021
4.031 out of 5 from 217 votes
Rank #3,120
That's My Atypical Girl

Yokoi is a manga artist who spends his nights delivering newspapers just to make rent, since his original works just don't seem to sell. Suddenly, one day he gets a visit from Saito-san, a self-proclaimed fan of Yokoi's work who made the long journey to meet him. Yokoi quickly realizes that the things Saito-san sees, feels, and thinks about are different from most people... These two struggle together to find a place to belong in this unique slice-of-life!

Source: Kodansha

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Content Warning, Spoilers. After seeing this manga was well liked, this afternoon I had decided to give it a binge, I knew there was warnings suggesting acts of abuse throughout this manga, however I would not expect it to be so extreme as is.  Our main female lead is on the autism spectrum, and heavily influenced by it. As a child she had been abused by her family, in one instance being locked in a dog crate, soaked in dog urine. As well as feeling out of place in school due to being "different".  Unfortunately bullying due to mental or physical disabilities or illnesses is rather common in Japan, I have lived there, and experienced first hand how Japan can treat those who are not native, or "normal". So seeing this portrayed in this manga is somewhat reassuring, it creates a sense of sympathy and self-experience to an otherwise inhumane and cruel story. Being locked in a dog cage made the character feel degraded by dogs, as such she violently attacks any dogs she sees without hesitation. However, the acts portrayed by our main female are not acts of revenge, nor are they regular traits of those who have autism. They are the traits more aligned to a serial-killer sociopath. The reason I bring this up, is because it's not obvious that this is the case, the author portrays it as though it is due to autism rather than abuse, misleading readers to believe that autism is the cause of an abusive sociopath. My brother has autism, I speak from experience in saying everyone experiences autism and it's effects differently, however autism is not the cause of abuse, neglect, and such disparity portrayed. There is no word, no sentence and no 7-8 paragraph review for this manga that adequately portrays the evil shown within, I have learnt 2 things from my reading of this story; always pay attention to the tags and warnings of the content you intend to view, and fully ignore reviews that glorify acts against humanity, as those who publish them are plebeians who know not the difference between good and evil. As the tags are not specific enough, this manga portrays autism as the cause of domestic, physical, mental, animal, and child abuses on reoccurring instances while also including the aspect of glorifying rape on at least one occurrence, I can confirm seeing all of the above in practice, however, I'm not even 1/5th through the entire manga.

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