Tetsuman - Tekken Comic

Vol: 2; Ch: 11
2009 - 2010
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Tetsuman - Tekken Comic

The King of Iron fist tournament usually centers in the feud between the Mishima family... However 'family feud' is a little bit of an understatement when we look at the full scale world war that is being waged between the corporations lead by Kazuya Mishima (father) and Jin Kazama (son).  Asuka Kazama is a meddlesome girl that likes to prevent conflict and punish evil doers using her family inherited Kazama Ryuu kobujutsu. Asuka is virtually a town hero in Osaka and is known for having little patience, so "saving the world" by smacking around Jin sounds right about her area of specialty..... Unfortunately for Asuka, before she can properly engage in her destined battle, she happens to stumble into Lili Rochefort, her self proclaimed rival. Lili will certainly not budge at anything and will follow Asuka everywhere until she can achieve this... Has the bonds of an unlikely friendship just been formed?

Source: MU

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