Terror of Godzilla

Alt titles: Godzilla, The Return Of Godzilla

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.41 out of 5 from 28 votes
Rank #32,009
Terror of Godzilla

Something monstrous rises up from the sea and nearly sinks a Japanese fishing boat. The sole survivor tells a tale that no one wants to believe. But when a Russian nuclear submarine is destroyed in the same waters, the world is forced to face the truth: Godzilla has returned!

Source: Dark Horse

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It's immediately odd how Goro and Okumura remain connected to the goings-ons and are among the chosen few to be helicoptered around and whatnot. And how exactly do Professor Hayashida and Okumura know each other? The first chapter implies that they hadn't previously known each other and that Goro had introduced them, but the second chapter makes it seem as though they'd known each other for a long time. Then Okumura ends up acting as Hayashida's assistant. Was fe always feir assistant or was that a recent development? And why doesn't Hayashida have access to better qualified assistants rather than having to rely on bystanders? On a related note, the romantic element the story tried adding felt extremely tacked on and unnatural--they basically just said "we have a male character and a female character, so why wouldn't they become a couple?" But the most disappointing part of the story is how it funnels a very complicated situation into a simplistic, easily-understandable solution. Everything hinges on a single briefcase. Perhaps this type of funnel-vision drama could've been compelling if the singular solution had been more than just an educated guess based on potentially inaccurate conjectures. Or if the story did a better job making it seem as though all other possible options had been exhausted beforehand. The government tried shooting regular weaponry and tried deploying the special Super X weapon, but there are a lot more than just two tactics they could have attempted. This is especially strange since the story indicates that Godzilla had devastated Japan thirty years prior, and apparently, during those three decades, the only anti-Godzilla plan the Japanese government developed was Super X. Am I really supposed to believe that during three decades worth of brainstorming sessions, they only came up with ONE idea? They had ZERO back-up plans if Super X didn't work? They had to rely on Hayashida coming up with a strategy on the spot, even though a strategy akin to that could've been developed years prior. Several of the characters have faces that look a bit too similar. And the emotiveness of the characters is a bit much, with all its dramatic arm and neck movements and tooth-clenching passion. Portraying dramatic emotions isn't actually a bad thing though, so it's probably more that the artist just isn't doing a very good job of making the emotions look more than "drawn."

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