Terror Man

Ch: 100
2016 - 2017
4.324 out of 5 from 517 votes
Rank #3,197
Terror Man

Jungwoo Min has a special ability, one that lets him see when a path leads to a misfortune, or disaster. He uses his "Eyes of Misfortune” to spot these unfortunate events and stop them. Disguising himself as a terrorist, he begins using his power to save people from certain danger. This leads him to become feared by the people he is looking to save. Soon he discovers that the more he saves others, the unhappier he becomes. Thus unfolds the story of a hero and his struggle between happiness and despair. And the unfortunate reality of saving the world, even while becoming a supposed terrorist...or TERROR MAN.

Source: Ablaze

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If you like hero storys and like reading mangas with brain turned off then this one is for you. It has inasne amount of combat even some marvel comicses can be jelouse of that but the second you start thinking about story or anthing the second you use brain this thing became garbage.  One of the biggest problems here is writing autor cant decide if it should be  adult or tenn manhwa. Main idea of the story is good but details as i said are terrible time doesnt work here at all for example its faster to fly to prison with a plain rescue Lilia then she goes from prison to main battlefield from prison through korean floaded streets then going donw the elevator from 100 floor to 0 so stupid. There are more like that but i will toke about that in character section. Overall story is pure nonstop fights and autor always forgeting something. What i mean by that someone breaks arm so he cant use it anymore but in next fight when that happens he can fight normaly... Sotry could end in chapter 40 i think there was no need for anything more to write becouse of that characters look even more stupid. Idk about art i personaly didnt like that since its not colored or just black and white eather. Some panels are black and white some have idk eyes colored or others are colored that makes it terribel for reader sicne it breaks your imagination everytime your brain tries to color BW picutres and then its shut by  colored one its terrible design.  Characters are horrible there are no events in 100 chapters that would make us love or hate anyone in there. MC is basic bullied kid with some special powers but he has no unique characteristics. Then you have his guardian Lilia she is done perfect but not in this seson but in next one so its just teaching him how to fight and theire interactions are so weird since there is always some fight going on that allu have to go with is that theire relationship was done before this story even takes place. Overall adults are stupid here and worts are main antagonists of the story. You have woman here that controls goverment and police and when she finds out who is going after her she does nothing... Then the other guy he is jsut some basic mob guy that gets resurected and he goes after MC not much with him eather. Terrorman is just way too streched with rarely anyone dieing. If you ever read or read supehero comics you already read this one its just avrage copycat for me it was something like batman and tokyoghoul together.... Hey at least second seson is way better and you get Lilias story wich is way better writen then this one so yea second seson will carry this mess. I would jsut like to say at then end that i didnt put every little thing that i like or dissliked about Terrorman so if there is something that you think i missed it could be that i missed it since its long read also best character in this is that pinguing XDD.


Honestly this manhwa's prologue was intriguing it started with the explosion of a bridge then a man with white hair wearing a gas mask lands on a car and escapes gunfire then he holds a police captain hostage and demands 3 million won. That got me excited for what was to come.  In the first chapter we meet Min Jun Woo who by the process of elimination is said man in a gas mask from the prologue. He is just a shy and wealthy easily bullied kid in High School. He has only one friend but in the early chapters he gets teased him. We find out also that Min Jun Woo has psychic abilities which lets him see 15 minutes into the future.  He dons the identity of a terrorist in order to save lives but then he gets the blame from the public for causing these disasters. He gets help from his ex-Russian mafia housekeeper and a savant who builds all of these contraptions who is also wanted by Interpol.  Over the course of the manhwa his personality changes so he doesn't become shy or scared anymore he gets tougher and stronger, both physically and mentally.  However, he does stop actual terrorist attacks perpetuated by Y&Y corp. one such was the bombing of a bridge (not the one in the prologue) organized by an anti-terrorist official so he could be seen as a leader. This explanation might seem all over the place but this is pretty much the plot: A kid becomes a terrorist to save people.  The plot and action might seem slow in the first 20 or so chapters but the unrealistic ability as to how Min Jun Woo and his partners could escape the police will grow on you after that then it'll get better. With conspiracies, identities, death and revival, family problems, etc.  But the area between chapters 70-100 is when the comic really hits its stride and every chapter in this gap involves emotion, gunfire, blood, crimes against humanity, terrorism, past troubles, drug addiction, etc. Sure, it might be a while to get to this point but once you do you won't be disappointed.  [Check review for season 2]

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